Kim Jon Un Fires Two More Missiles And South Korea Blames Trump

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President Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark. He asked aides to look into making a deal without revealing what he had up his sleeve. The U.S. established a military base there in 1951. But it’s unclear why Trump wants to buy Greenland. The Wall Street Journal thinks buying Greenland is purely an egotistical move to mark on his presidential success.

Mr. Trump needs help. The polls show most Democratic candidates would beat Trump if the election was today. Plus, 57 percent of Americans say his presidential decisions suck. His performance during the violence in El Paso and Dayton confirmed Trump is a racist, according to the New York Times. His loyal band of Republicans ran for cover while Trump acted like a heartless conman. The Democrats think he acts like a dictator who fears an uprising.

Trump’s economic ignorance has the world spiraling out of control, but he told a group of Trumpians in New Hampshire his economy is still on fire. Trump told the 10,000 attendees they have to vote for him or they will lose their retirements money, and the stock market would sink like a stone. During his 80-minute speech in New Hampshire, he promised a cure for Aids, and he went into his usual Clinton-bashing act. He also blasted Biden, Warren, and Harris. He also told the group his campaign is all about love.

According to Wall Street economists, Fed Chairman Jay Powell will probably let investors know another interest rate cut is in the works August 23rd. Trump blames Powell for his sinking economy. Mr. Trump claims last year’s interest rate hikes hurt the economy, not his tariffs and trade war.

The consumer sector of the economy is still strong, but recent government reports show Trump’s trade war has consumers worried. He wants to hide his tariff damage. But it’s too late to stop the economic erosion caused by Trump’s quest to bring China down, according to the Washington Post.

Ben Netanyahu stood behind Trump instead of Israeli democracy when he said two Congresswomen are not welcome in his country. Ben wants to form a government before he faces corruption charges in September. But backing Trump’s fight with the young Congresswomen didn’t go over well in Israel.

South Korea told Trump to stop telling Kim it’s okay to fire missiles at South Korea and Japan. Kim fired two more missiles to let South Korea know the Trumpster is on his side.

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