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As your life becomes busier than ever, forgetting or neglecting your beauty and wellness can be easier than ever. It seems that everywhere you look, someone new has their latest and greatest beauty tips and products which frequently involve lengthy, time-consuming methods that involve sitting in front of a mirror for hours. These are just not practical for busy people who have enough to think about as it is. If they are impractical, you will not incorporate them into your daily routine. You then end up with a drawer or cabinet full of items which are doing you no good at all.

Between the time you devote to work, family, hobbies, and numerous other activities, there probably is precious little time left over. Although you have good intentions and want to keep your appearance up, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when choosing the best, easiest and quickest items to use. The information here will help you avoid information overload when choosing the best on-the-go products for your beauty and wellness.

Never Too Busy for Beauty

When you are knee-deep in trying to accomplish each and every task in your busy life, turning the other cheek to beauty and youth can seem “easier.” You can always come back and play catch-up later, right? However, neglecting these can lead to more stress down the road, which is the last thing you want or need. Achieving your own idea of optimal beauty and youth is possible when you know what products are available when you have little time to spare.

On-the-go products can be valuable alternatives for people who want to take care of themselves while avoiding some of the long, drawn-out beauty rituals and items out there. These are ideal for even the busiest individuals, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Type-A professionals / workaholics
  • Industrious but swamped students
  • Stay-at-home parents or caregivers preoccupied with taking care of the needs of others
  • Busy people who simply do not have disposable time

Having a busy lifestyle does not have to come at the expense of youthful living. You probably do not begin each day with a goal in mind to avoid all efforts to stay younger and healthier. However, you can end up pushing these important things aside if you believe that planning healthy meals and scheduling beauty routines. are your only options. These can indeed suck the precious minutes from your day, but Jeunesse Global is one of the pioneering and innovative companies that understand the importance of having alternatives to staying more youthful and vibrant. Jeunesse understands that your time is valuable, and has designed health and beauty products that can fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

RESERVE™ is one of the nine parts of Jeunesse Global’s most elite product line, the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. Using a multi-pronged approach to youth and beauty, Y.E.S. uses breakthrough technology and nutrient-dense ingredients to help users feel and look better and retain their youth.

Convenience is the Best Defense

Having convenient yet effective beauty and wellness products available is essential when you are making an effort to stay young and feel your best. You do not need items that are overly complicated and time-draining in order to achieve this. Jeunesse Global helps you save time and make the decision-making process easier with their healthy array of nutritious products. Among other supplements and products offered by the internationally-recognized company, their time-saving options include the following:

  • RESERVE™ to defend your body against harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, available in portable gel packs.
  • Naära™ to give you drinkable skin care, anytime and anywhere.
  • RVL Multi-Perfecting Leave-in Conditioner to hydrate and protect your hair and scalp within seconds.
  • M1ND™ to help sharpen your mind and clear out brain fog and mental fatigue, available in convenient gel packs.


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Blended with antioxidants from beneficial superfruits, RESERVE™ is meant to DEFEND against damage to your body from free radicals while it protects your red blood cells from harmful oxidative stress. This body supercharger is deliciously blended with five nutrient-packed superfruits, radical-fighting resveratrol, antioxidant-rich green tea, hydrating aloe vera, and powerful grape seed extracts.

RESERVE™ makes it easier to keep feeling young and looking great. Blended with antioxidants and botanicals, this powerhouse drives your internal systems to keep you feel younger by boosting your overall health. Naturally sweetened by nature with various exotic superfruits, this nutrient-dense supplement helps you repair damage from free radicals. It offers on-the-go protection to your cells to keep them stay healthier, live longer, and leave you looking and feeling great. It also boasts having none of the artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors commonly found in many other products.

To help keep you feeling more youthful, it is important that you work to combat free radical damage. These radicals are free-floating molecules found in our daily environments which attack your healthy cells. When these cells are under attack, the damage they sustain is shown though visible aging in your skin, nails and hair. Antioxidants and polyphenols are the keys to neutralizing these unwanted free radicals. One of the most influential ingredients in RESERVE™ is the generous amount of the heart-friendly polyphenol, resveratrol.


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Using elements of Eastern medicine as inspiration, developers created M1ND™ as a powerful dietary supplement to help boost your ability to concentrate, memorize and recall. This 2-in-1 formulation offers clarity that you can carry with you, no matter how busy you are. The dynamic duo of CERA-Q™ and L-Theanine are behind the magic of M1ND™.

While the L-Theanine works to reduce your mental distractions, CERA-Q™ helps you to retain your memory and boost other cognitive functions. CERA-Q™ is derived from silkworm cocoon proteins — specifically, silk protein hydrolysate. With the backing of clinical studies, this silk protein hydrolysate helps you fight problems with memory recall, distraction, and memory glitches — no more forgetting birthdays or stumbling over your words!

The easy-to-grab M1ND™ supplement is available in 1 oz. gel packets. Each one of these mentally clarifying packs not only provides you with a quick and easy way to nourish your body, but also have a flavorful lemon meringue taste, so taking them is never a chore. These can be carried in your pocket or in your purse so that you can consume these nutrients whenever you need them.


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Naära is skin care that you can drink everywhere you go, at any time. This beauty beast contains a grand dose of TruMarine™ Collagen, the natural bio peptide derived from healthy fish collagen. This drink gives true meaning to approaching “beauty from the inside-out.” When seeking ways to improve the appearance of your skin, you should start by first nourishing the inside, as any good changes to your internal health will soon make themselves known by visible improvements to your skin.

This easy-to-carry drink requires minimal effort on your part works while it does all the heavy lifting. It works hard to promote skin firmness, elasticity, normal collagen formation, and skin hydration. These are essential if you want to minimize lines and wrinkles. Support your body and mind from the inside out.

RVL Leave-in Conditioner

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People on a time crunch, especially busy men, tend to ignore their hair’s appearance. This is a critical mistake to be avoided by both men and women, even those on the tightest of schedules. When you are trying to look better overall, it can be easy to pay attention to other things while overlooking dry, lifeless hair.

This is where Jeunesse’s RVL Multi-Perfecting Leave-in Conditioner steps in to provide a quick and simple way to fortify your strands, fight breakage, and smooth split ends. When you are on-the-go, this conditioner gives your hair the hydration, moisture, and nourishment it needs in only a matter of seconds. Super-light oils such as jojoba, black seed, and flaxseed are combined with powerful botanicals. Proudly excluding harmful sulfates, parabens, silicones, and dyes, this leave-in option gives you healthier-looking hair with just a few quick sprays, easy to do anywhere in any time you might have available.

Goodbye, Time-Suckers!

Your health, beauty, and youth do not need to needlessly suffer just because you are crunched for time and constantly on the move. Jeunesse Global offers convenient, portable options to make your overall health decisions easier. Instead of depriving yourself of nutrition because you have a busy lifestyle, you just need to be a little more careful about which health and beauty options you choose to focus on. Ignore the complicated routines and face masks that take hours, and instead focus on products made to fit a busy lifestyle like yours.

Jeunesse offers a wide range of health and beauty products, many of which are made with busy people in mind. With some of their highly acclaimed products now available in gel packets, you can give your body the nourishment it needs wherever and whenever you are on the move. Don’t neglect your health or feel like you have to sacrifice youth and beauty because of your busy schedule! With Jeunesse’s lineup of convenient products, health and beauty can fit into any schedule.

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