hina Exports $38.8 Billion To The U.S. But Only Imports $10.9 Billion In July Thanks To Trump’s Tariffs

Trump's Tariffs

Mitch McConnell doesn’t regret putting up roadblocks when Congress sends legislation to the Senate to debate. Mitch stopped two important gun control bills because they came from a Democratic Congress. Rather than giving the bills the proper attention, McConnell put his political nix on them before Senators could debate them.

Gun control is a national priority, but Mitch still thinks getting a handle on, and finding a solution for, the number of violent incidents, is not as important as staying in Louisville to mend his broken shoulder, according to some Democrats.

The president had to tell one of his fish tales when he said background checks sound like a good idea. Trump’s always been against background checks, and he is still against banning assault rifles. Mr. Trump claims he will fix the gun problem without admitting he is the problem, according to the New York Times.

China is ready to retaliate when Trump adds more tariffs and blames China for not being open about signing a trade agreement. China cut the amount of U.S. exports they bought by 19 percent in July, and 31.4 percent in June. But China’s exports to the U.S. only fell 6.5 percent.

Mr. Trump blames President Xi for reneging on his commitment to buy more U.S. farm products, but Trump was the one who didn’t release the business ban on Huawei when he said he would.

President Xi told Mr. Trump he would not sign an agreement that involved changing Chinese trade laws. Instead of changing his negotiating tactics, Trump made the situation worse by calling China’s president a liar, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump thinks China’s economy will fall apart when he adds additional tariffs to shoes, clothes, electronics and a plethora of other products September 1st. But China’s economy is still three times stronger than the U.S. economy, according to the New York Times.

The Trumpster claims the Chinese economy will fold, but the Chinese government continues to inject money into their economy and they will devalue their currency in order to soften the economic blows from Trump’s tariffs, according to the Times.

The impact on the U.S. economy suddenly hit home when Chinese products hit the U.S. after Trump’s first tariff increase. Retail prices are up, and Gross Domestic Product growth is down. Government economists predict 1.8 percent growth in the third quarter. But economists still think 2019 overall growth will be 2.1 percent. But if the trade war gets nasty, that growth will disappear, according to the Times.

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