Don’t Let the Summer Heat Sizzle Your Hair with Tips from Jeunesse

Don’t Let the Summer Heat Sizzle Your Hair with Tips from Jeunesse


While basking in the summer sun and soaking up its powerful rays can leave your mind and body feeling more vibrant, your hair is certainly not as enthusiastic about summertime. Since the sun is a key part of nature and has certain beneficial properties, such as imparting Vitamin D into the skin, it is very common for people to view it as “natural” and unharmful. This is simply not the case, especially for your lovely locks. It is critically important for you to first learn how your hair can be negatively affected, particularly during the summer months, and then take the necessary steps to counterattack them. Choosing the right products, like the ones we have listed below, is essential to combat that high-humidity frizz.

Fun in the Sun…Not So Much for Your Hair

Many people look forward to the summer months so that they can have fun doing a variety of activities outside, such as swimming, boating, going to the park, or just hanging out in the backyard. Having so much fun and living carefree is great, but your hair deserves at least a little attention and should not be neglected during mid-year festivities. A common misunderstanding is that sunshine can lighten the hair in a natural, safe way. Many people are shocked to learn that this hair lightening from the sun can be equally harmful as bleaching your hair with boxed lighteners from your local department store.

Think of it in terms of how overexposure can cause painful sunburns on your skin. The amount of power that makes this possible is the same that is forced upon your hair when it is left unprotected. However, hair can sustain even more damage because it does not alert you to a problem as sunburns do. Destructive sunbeams are not the only cause for mid-year worries; the high temperatures of summertime heat are also harmful since it can zap a great deal of moisture from your mane. Just some of the unwanted issues associated with summer heat and direct sun exposure include the following:

  • Dryness
  • Brittleness
  • Frizz
  • Poor protein structure
  • Less elasticity
  • More breakage
  • Dullness

Being proactive and working to prevent harm from occurring in the first is ideal, and there are certain high-quality products available to assist with this prevention. Other items can help mitigate any damage that has already taken place, so it is important to learn which products offer the best ingredients for keeping your hair looking great in the summer. The ideal products should be able to:

  • Moisturize the scalp and strengthen your hair follicles
  • Deliver deep, penetrating levels of hydration directly onto (and into) your scalp
  • Condition the length of each hair strand to deter dryness and that dreaded frizz
  • Stimulate and cool the skin of your scalp to relieve the inflammation, redness, and itchiness that often results from getting too much sun on the top of your head.

 Weapons for Combatting Harmful Rays


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While it may seem obvious that your hair needs to be conditioned to fight dryness, it is not that cut and dry (pun intended). Proper hair moisturization is not only about applying a conditioner to each strand, but also about hydrating your scalp and using the proper shampoo as a cleanser. To maintain adequate hydration levels, shininess, and elasticity, you need to opt for products that contain only nutritious ingredients and none of the bad guys we often hear about, such as sulfates, silicones, dyes, and parabens.

There are really only three products necessary for you to use in your efforts to combat the ravaging issues that can arise from your hair receiving too much sun or heat. Among these are a gentle cleansing shampoo, a hydrating leave-in conditioning product, and a healing scalp serum (treatment). As the recent recipient of numerous awards from all across the globe, the RVL Advanced Hair Care System offered by Jeunesse Global meets these criteria with its 3-step product line.

  • RVL Ultra-Refining Shampoo: When your hair has become frazzled from the sun, the last thing you want to do is to cleanse it with the harmful sulfates commonly found in many brand name products on the market (regardless of its price tag). The gentle cleansing of this anti-static shampoo is delicate enough to dissolve the dirt and grease that can build up on your head without stripping away all of the hair’s natural oils (which you need!). By providing weightless hydration to the hair, it works to deter dryness, frizz and lackluster hair. This much-loved moisturization is made possible through the use of carefully selected ingredients to suck the moisture into your hair and keep it there.
  • RVL Multi-Perfecting Leave-in Conditioner: By hydrating your hair strands from within, your follicles become stronger and more fortified. This is important since you need that strength to avoid the breakage (and subsequent frizz) associated with sun exposure. Properly supplying and nourishing the hair with continuous amounts of hydration, which really only leave-in conditioners can truly provide, will help beat down the drying, dulling effects of the summer heat. Instead of brittle frizz, you will have smoother hair with fewer split ends. As it encourages each strand to shine with regular use, this leave-in conditioner also creates a barrier to shield your locks from the sun.
  • RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment: Your hair reflects the overall health of your scalp, making the proper care of this skin a key component to having healthier looking hair. This scalp treatment, sometimes referred to as a serum, gives the scalp healthy levels of nourishment and nutrients. One of the best ways to give the skin on the top of your head this essential care is by using a product like this which has been created specifically for this purpose.

While many companies can make claims of a product’s effectiveness, the proof is the pudding with the RVL Advanced Hair Care System, which has achieved tremendous recognition through international accolades, awards, and honors. Introduced in 2018 to critical acclaim, the RVL products are relatively young additions to the overall collection of successful Jeunesse Global products. Founded a decade ago, the company continues to develop award-winning, effective and innovative beauty and wellness products and supplements around the world.

Protect Hair from the Inside Out 

When you gain knowledge and learn what to be on the lookout for when buying hair care products, it can be surprising to discover just how many brands purposely incorporate overly strong additives. This is the last thing you need when are trying to battle with the sun, because they can frequently cause further irritation and even allergic reactions in some individuals. The RVL line excludes these potentially harmful elements, opting instead to use a range of ingredients which are nutritious and beneficial.

The summer heat has a drying effect on your hair, making it necessary to remoisturize. The RVL 3-part system offers deep hydration and strengthening for all textures and types of hair. Using targeted research gathered and analyzed for over a decade, the developers created a winning formula with various nutrients, some of which include antioxidants, ayurvedic herbs, botanicals, vitamins, phytonutrients, flavonoids, amino acids, flaxseed oil, electrolytes, minerals, fatty acids, jojoba oil, and polyphenols. When these superpowers combine with Jeunesse’s trademarked plant polypeptide technology (HPT-6), there are immeasurable benefits offered.

Sun damage makes the formula’s jojoba oil especially valuable since it is one of the best comparisons to the natural sebum of human skin. This strong resemblance makes it a top choice for healing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. The flaxseed oil was used for its high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which work to push hydration and moisture into the hair shafts. This is key when you want to get rid of the frizz often associated with summertime humidity.

Beat the Heat

The question is not if the sun will damage your hair, but how much it will. Since you now know that healthy-looking hair begins with well-fed scalps, it is clear why you need to keep your head hydrated, conditioned and gently cleansed. Jeunesse Global’s RVL Advanced Hair Care System is a top choice for offering protection during the summer months, all with minimal effort and only a handful of items. You can benefit from this collection that delivers nourishment through hydration and hair strengthening. Every time you use one of these products, you are taking an active role in creating a barrier against sun damage to get and maintain healthy-looking hair throughout every season of the year.

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