CNN’s David Axelrod Gives His Opinion of the Last Democratic Debate

David Axelrod

An article appeared on CNN’s website, written from the opinion of CNN correspondent David Alexrod, that featured an overview of last week’s heated Democratic presidential race. The race has been exceptionally steamy, with more than a dozen candidates initially entering the race. The opinion article was written by David Axelrod, who is a former advisor to President Barack Obama and current senior CNN political commentator.

According to Mr. Axelrod, Elizabeth Warren stood out due to her capabilities in running a truly brilliant campaign strategy. He says she has consistently put forth a clear message has pieces of her personal biography appropriately weaved throughout. He also credited his harsh critique of large corporate excess spending. He stated that she did have a quite high spending budget to bring about real change that would benefit the people, noting that her budget views were similar to Bernie Sanders, who is the champion of change for the left-wing. His final general comment on the duo’s speeches was commenting on their personalities.

He stated that Sanders made many jokes and seemed to be like someone mocking Larry Sanders rather than the real thing, while Warren stayed highly serious and brought about some fresher notes to her speech. Of course, Elizabeth Warren has never been one to make a lot of jokes or take a non-serious tone when it comes to campaigning for the Democratic bid.

His notes on former congressman John Delaney, health-tech entrepreneur and past congressman included attempting to spar with Warren on the topic of healthcare. His argument was that the country could utilize other manners to strengthen the amount of coverage available to Americans.

He commented on Warren’s ability to put both critics and opponents strongly on the defensive. He compared her ability to do so much to the way that Barack Obama was able to during the 2008 campaign. Medicare for All was a huge topic that he commented on several times throughout his article.

One of the big questions of the article was his wondering of Joe Biden could step it up enough in the debates to stay in the race. He commented on how Biden seemed to stumble a bit throughout his portion of the debate, often struggling to pull up the correct numbers or facts.

When it came to Kamala Harris, he stated that she had seem to have gotten mixed reviews from the party since she launched into soaring heights during the first debate.

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