Boris Johnson Gets A Brexit Smackdown From Merkel

Boris Johnson, Brexit

Trump thought his scheme to make Greenland a distraction ended when Denmark’s prime minister told Trump to bugger off. Trump had a royal invitation from the Queen of Denmark, but Trump canceled when he knew the Danes wouldn’t play his silly political game, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump tried to act like he cared about the violence in El Paso and Dayton, but it was obvious to the nation Trump only cares about Trump, according to former communications director Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci was a Trumpian before Trump decided to make the four young Congresswomen the face of the Democratic Party. Tony finally saw the underbelly of the presidential beast, and he called Trump a loser.

The Trumpster likes to bash the people he hired and then fired for one reason or another. Jeff Sessions is still in hiding in Alabama thanks to the way Trump beat him into the political mud for recusing himself from the Mueller investigation. Sessions had to do that. He knew about the Trump campaign meetings with Russian operatives in 2016, according to the Washington Post. But Sessions and Mike Pence acted like they were as pure as their LGBTQ hating souls when they had to discuss the 2016 campaign with Mueller investigators, according to the Washington Post.

Scaramucci is now part of Trump’s loser club and Anthony wants to get other disgraced Trumpians to come forward and tell America what Trump is like behind closed doors. Congress already knows what he is like, but the Congressional Committees have to win their court cases to make Trump release the documentation that will prove he obstructed justice on numerous occasion. Congressman Adam Schiff told the press Trump obstructs justice out in the open, and his Republican lapdogs let him do it to protect their own interests.

European friends are hard to come by in Trump’s world, but he found one when Boris Johnson took over as the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Trump offered Johnson a sweet trade deal when the Trumpster was across the pond showing the Queen mother what an egotistical jackass looks like in person.

Mr. Johnson still thinks he’ll get a trade deal with Trump, but Pelosi told the press that won’t happen if Johnson leaves the EU without a signed deal. That looks doubtful now that Angela Merkel and other European leaders told Johnson the backstop clause stays in the agreement.

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