Woman Eats Half A Cake And Then Banned From Walmart

Walmart, Wichita Falls

There is a variety of people who shop at Walmart ranging from parents with their children to those who are looking for somewhere to go just to get out of the house during the day. Since most Walmart stores are considered Supercenters, customers can usually find an abundance of groceries and household items along with clothing, toys, and shoes. Among the foods sold are baked goods as most stores have a bakery. A woman in Texas learned that you can’t decide what portion of food you pay for and which portion you leave behind as she has been banned from a Walmart location in her state. The reason she was banned is that she ate half of a cake while she was in the store and only wanted to pay for the half that was left.

Officers in Wichita Falls responded to a call that they received from management about the woman. She was seen in the store eating the cake while she was doing her shopping. When the woman arrived at the store, she went right to the bakery to get the cake that she wanted. She then took it with her as she made her way from one department to another.

The woman soon made her way to one of the registers at the front of the store. Since she had already consumed half the cake, she thought that it was only fair that she pay for the half left that she was taking home. When officers arrived, she decided to go ahead and pay for the entire cake. However, she was asked not to shop at the store again because she stole half of the cake. Another woman was banned only a few months before this incident occurred at a different Walmart when she ate a container of Pringles while riding on an electric shopping cart.

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