Trump’s Tied For First On The Most Racist Presidents List

President D. Trump, President Donald J. Trump

China’s economy feels the effects of Trump’s trade war. The manufacturing sector is not as active, and Chinese consumers are not buying as much especially if the product is American-made. Economic growth hit a tariff glitch in the second quarter, according to the Chinese news agency. First-quarter grow was 6.4 percent. Second-quarter growth was 6.2 percent.

But U.S growth also had a no-good-terrible second quarter too. First-quarter growth hit 3.2 percent. Second-quarter growth is less than two percent, according to government economists. And Trump’s tax cut and tariffs will add $1 trillion to the national debt this year. Trump’s a big spender when he uses other people’s money, according to the Democrats.

Trade talk negotiations reek of Trumpian snake oil. China wants to hear him say he will drop the tariffs and release Huawei so they can buy and sell tech products in Trump’s kingdom. Huawei plans to give 800 people their walking papers thanks to the Trump ban. Huawei plans to move to Italy and help the Italians develop their 5G platform. CEO Zhengfei told the press the move to Italy means more Italian jobs and less American jobs.

Kellyanne Conway ignored a Congressional subpoena the same way Bill Barr did. A DOJ official told Trump to fire Kellyanne for campaigning for him while she talked about government business. Trump told the inspector to go suck a dick. Trump said the inspector violated her right to free speech, not the Hatch Act.

When Trump decided he would try to fracture the Democratic Party more than it is by trash-mouthing four young lawmakers, he opened a can of racist worms and they gave him the Trumpian Twitter wiggle. The four Congresswomen are immigrants in one way or another just like every other person in the United States, but in Trump’s kingdom, only the white will survive, according to Nancy Pelosi. Several Republican Trumpians told the Trumpster he was way out of line, but he told them to go suck a dick too.

But when all the smoke clears, and Trump has his best orange jumpsuit on to film Jailbird Apprentice, a plague will hang somewhere in the halls of history that says Donald Trump and Andrew Johnson showed Americans racism is a disease. And they spread it freely without regrets or apologies. Both men kept hatred alive while they sat in the president’s office.

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