Russia Thinks Trump Wants A War With Iran

War With Iran

Diplomats from other nations told the press they wrote the same memos British Ambassador Kim Darroch wrote to their officials. The French and the German ambassadors told the press Boris Johnson threw every diplomat in Trump’s lying lap when he didn’t back Darroch.

The Feds want to cut interest rates in July, according to the Financial Times. But Trump won’t be happy until he fires Jerome Powell, according to the Washington Post. Powell told the press he won’t leave if Trump fires him. Trump mirrored Powell’s thoughts when he said he might not leave if the Democrats win, according to the Washington Post.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other new Congresswomen of color pissed Nancy Pelosi off when they tore a page out of Trump’s Twitter handbook and threw shade at other Democrats. Pelosi spanked all four liberals doing a closed-door meeting, but she didn’t mention any names. AOC knows she’s on Pelosi’s shit list. Pelosi and the young New York Congresswoman are in the fifth month of a no talk, no eye contact war.

Trump knew he had to use his executive order weapon on something. Bill Barr told Trump make up a way to ask the question and people might not know you asked it. That way Trump can continue his quest to discriminate against non-whites and give the Republicans some sort of advantage.

Governor Cuomo wants Congress to ask him for Trump’s state tax returns. Congress wants to get his federal returns but the case could be in the courts for the next two years. New York just passed a bill that allows the state treasury to send state returns to three congressional committees if they ask for them. Cuomo hopes Congress asked for Kushner’s and the rest of Trump’s clan too.

Washington D.C.s mayor wants the federal government to pay the city the $1.7 million Trump drained out of the city’s emergency fund to protect his July 4th Campaign Ad. Plus, the mayor keeps asking for the $7 million the city shelled out during Trump’s inauguration.

Russia wants Trump to ease up on Iran. Putin said Trump must start talking to Iran or he’ll back out of the new Trump Tower Moscow deal. Russia, China, Britain, and the European Union want to sit down and renegotiate the Iran nuclear treaty. But Trump wants to scare Iran so they give him control like Boris Johnson did when he let Trump bully shame his ambassador.

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