Jeunesse Global: Five Billion Dollar Titan

Five Billion Dollar Titan: Jeunesse Global

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Jeunesse Global reached a $5 billion sales milestone in 2018. This marvel was accomplished after only eight years in the youth enhancement industry. Jeunesse had a record-breaking month with sales topping more than $150 million which catapulted them into the astonishing, cumulative $5 billion sales bracket. Let’s explore Jeunesse as a whole and learn the secrets of their amazing success: their commitment to customers, to their distributors, and to charities with a mission to improve people’s lives all over the world. 

The Facts Of Their Success

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by powerhouse couple Wendy Lewis, COO, and Randy Ray, CEO. Since that time, the company has been extraordinary in their vision, their sales, and their awards from both peers and the industry as a whole. Jeunesse is the youngest direct selling company in history to surpass the annual billion-dollar sales mark in 2015.

After easily clearing the $1 billion hurdle, they soared above the $3 billion in cumulative sales by the end of 2016. What’s more, the additional $2 billion increase in cumulative sales occurred in less than 18 months. They didn’t need the additional six months to finish the two mark in order to prove to the world they have the formula for success. Helping people improve their lives and to be younger looking and feel healthier is the key to their success.

Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis said, “We are humbled and grateful to have reached this moment in our company’s history. For us, the importance of this milestone isn’t measured in dollars. The true value lies in the lives changed as people maximize their potential in business and in life by sharing our world-class, innovative products, and in the impact our success allows us to make for children through our nonprofit foundation.”

Awards, Accolades, and Refreshing Humility

Jeunesse is constantly being recognized by industry peers for its incredibly fast growth and blazing marketing campaigns. Jeunesse has accepted Stevie awards for the Fastest Growing Company of the Year and is consistently ranked highest in Direct Selling News global 100 list since 2012. The company received awards for outstanding growth in sales of $2 billion for their cumulative sales from 2014 to 2016.

“We are humbled and grateful to have reached this moment in our company’s history. For us, the importance of this milestone isn’t measured in dollars,” said Scott Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global. “The true value lies in the lives changed as people maximize their potential in business and in life by sharing our world-class, innovative products, and in the impact our success allows us to make for children through our nonprofit foundation.”

The company is familiar with awards ceremonies and accolades, though they are humble and appreciative in their acceptance. The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) awarded Jeunesse Global a total of 26 awards for the MarCom ceremony. Twelve awards were platinum, which are the highest possible award in the competition.

One of the most gratifying platinum awards won at the MarCom competition was for the 2018 Jeunesse Kids Bringing Hope: India video. Philanthropy is an incredibly important aspect of Jeunesse Global. The company as a whole is deeply involved in several charities, positively impacting children around the world. During their 2018 Thrive Expo, Jeunesse distributors raised over $1.57 million for their youth initiatives.

Scott Lewis stated, “The 2018 World Tour truly demonstrated how our family of Jeunesse Distributors is thriving by taking action each day to change the lives of people around the world and creating a global movement with lasting impact.

The Jeunesse Mindset

Front and foremost, Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company. Their mission is to positively impact the world by helping people look and feel young. They also strive to empower people to unleash their full potential to enrich the world around them.

The company’s exclusive skin care and nutritional products are part of a comprehensive Youth Enhancement System, Y.E.S. These products are designed to work synchronistically as part of a larger whole to enable clients and distributors to live their best life in the healthiest way possible.

Jeunesse Global has multilingual customer service for their distributors with back office support and a global enrollment system. This has allowed sales distributors to realize quick start up times and constant assistance. Jeunesse also utilizes a cutting-edge platform to share innovative products with their distributors along with training and support through 32 fully operational offices to markets in over 140 countries. They also sponsor expos that are available for their members to attend in five regions.

Jeunesse product lines are designed with expert knowledge and supported by scientific data and clinical studies. Jeunesse embraces their clients and distributors as family members, empowering both and encouraging everyone involved to live healthier and younger-looking lives.

In addition to supporting their clients and sales partners, Jeunesse product lines are created to encourage whole-body wellness. Jeunesse uses carefully selected ingredients to use in their patented formulas. Their luxury skincare solutions, essential nutritional supplements, and prize-winning formulas are thoughtfully created for the betterment of their clients. Jeunesse is focused on empowering people to embrace their youthful beauty from the inside out. They use natural products such as exotic botanicals and hand-selected ingredients from around the world to provide a natural approach to healthy-looking skin and hair to enhance a client’s overall youthful appearance.

The Jeunesse mission statement is specific to their vision: “The Jeunesse Family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young, while empowering each other to unleash our potential.”

Jeunesse doesn’t stop there. They are focused on improving the lives of their distributors as well. Let’s look at the future of Jeunesse and how they help life their sales team to new heights.

What it Means to Be a Part of the Jeunesse Family

Jeunesse is focused on their clients, distributors, and their ability to lead the company towards their annual goals. They launched the LEAD tour to educate distributors to raise their game and participate in a weekend designed to harness their potential and funnel it into growth and betterment.

From the Jeunesse LEAD page: “Created by leaders, LEAD is your chance to receive top-notch education on leadership best practices and strategies, team building, training and recruitment. This world-class event will empower you as a Jeunesse entrepreneur to make a positive impact on your teams, offering you a valuable opportunity to gather together to create collective goals for the year.”

They also have an annual expo to showcase their new campaigns, allowing distributors to test and learn about products before they are available to customers. They have called this the NEXT level tour. Jeunesse is inspiring a monumental shift in their business, promoting new products for clients, new marketing tools for distributors, and debuting a new market expansion. Attendees will be able to test out these new products before clients, and this tour is taking Jeunesse’s enthusiasm on a world tour.

All distributors are encouraged to attend the NEXT Expo 2019 at a city in their global region. The tour begins in Jeunesse’s global headquarters of Orlando, Florida and will continue to the Asian Pacific, then into Africa, through Europe and the Middle East, and will end in Latin America at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio De Janeiro.

Distributors will have access to Jeunesse founders and leadership members who will share their knowledge and expertise on various subjects from sales to techniques to product displays. During daytime seminars, attendees can learn about state-of-the-art marketing tools and can test new product lines. They will be there for the big reveal of what is to come in 2019 for Jeunesse customers.

Attendees will also experience the Jeunesse lifestyle and can learn key business-building tactics from Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the founders and leaders of Jeunesse Global, and Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer. Evening events will be geared to inspire and empower attendees and to allow peers to share success stories and tips with fellow distributors.

The Future is Bright for Jeunesse

With the momentum of Jeunesse, the excitement must be palpable for what is to come for this powerhouse company. The time to join the Jeunesse family has never been better. Clients have an almost cult-like enthusiasm for their products and the lifestyle Jeunesse Global promotes. It isn’t hard to see why living a healthier, younger-looking life is attractive to customers.

What keeps clients coming back to their sales distributors are the results of the Youth Enhancement System. A company cannot have $2 billion in sales in less than two years without the products to back those numbers.

The industry will continue to closely watch Jeunesse Global and award them for their predicted success in 2019. It is incredible to think what this company can continue to do for its clients, charities, and distributors. When a group of like-minded people come together to lift others up and empower them to be better, Karma will be on their side and amazing results will manifest. Jeunesse Global is proof of that philosophy.

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