Ivanka And Jared Sit Down With Kim Jon Un To Discuss His Nuke Program

Ivanka Trump, Nuke Program

President Trump has a massive Fourth of July celebration in the works. Mr. Trump decided the normal Washington Fourth of July celebration was not good enough this year even though the event attracts thousands of people to the Mall every year. The president changed the celebration to mirror the Bastille Day event in France.

The Washington Fourth of July event will include tanks, and fighter jets, as well as one of the Air Force One jumbo jets. Mr. Trump plans to campaign during the event, so the celebration this year is more about Trump than the birth of the nation. Mr. Trump told his Orlando voter base hundreds of thousands of people plan to attend. He said he’ll issue VIP passes so some of those people can sit and listen to his sketchy accomplishments and future blunders.

Mr. Trump had to score a win with China’s President Xi during the G20 Summit. Mr. Trump decided to lift the ban on Chinese tech companies in order to resume trade talks. American tech companies pushed Trump to walk back his ban on Huawei, so he used Huawei as a bargaining chip. Mr. Trump also agreed not to add tariffs on all exports from China in order to get Xi to agree to start talks again. Most conservatives think Trump made a mistake by giving Xi those concessions, according to the New York Times.

The trade talks are in progress, according to Mr. Trump. When the stock market heard that news, it had a record-breaking trading day even though the trade talks Trump talked about were just phone conversations between the negotiating teams. Even though the Chinese will sit down and talk about a trade deal, most experts think a deal is a long way off. Mr. Trump said the U.S. should get the best deal when all the negotiating smoke clears, but the Chinese think any deal should be a win for both countries.

Kim Jon Un is all smiles now that Trump showed him a little attention. Mr. Trump walked on North Korean soil, and that move gave Kim more credibility, according to the Times. Mr. Trump wanted to talk to Kim after that historic handshake. The president asked Ivanka and Jared to sit down with him in South Korea’s Freedom House and talk to Kim about a possible nuclear freeze. Ivanka and Jared are not seasoned diplomats, but in Trump’s eyes, they are his final decision makers, according to the Washington Post.

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