Huawei Employees Have Ties With The Chinese Government According To A New Study

Huawei Employees, Huawei Technologies

Mr. Trump came out swinging when Fox News reported on a detention center in Texas. Mr. Trump told the press his detention centers are clean and border agents treat migrants with respect. But the Fox News report tells another story. The detention centers along the border are more like concentration camps than holding centers for unprocessed migrants, according to several news reports.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited one detention center, she used the word concentration camp for the first time. A migrant woman told AOC border agents told her the toilets were he drinking water sources. The head of DHS, Kevin McAleenan, claims he’ll look into the situation, but AOC believes Trump wants migrants to suffer so other migrants will stop coming.

British Ambassador Kim Darroch’s job is to let British officials know how the Trump Administration deals with diplomatic issues. According to memos written by Darroch, Trump is an unpredictable, incoherent leader who likes to create chaos. Darroch first warning about Trump’s behavior came in a 2017 secret memo. Darroch continued to send memos about Trump’s method of governing to British officials. All of those memos claim Trump is dysfunctional and inept. Darroch believes Trump’s presidency is in trouble, but Kim thinks he could still win in 2020.

Trump told the DOJ he wants a new legal team to develop reasons the Citizenship question should be on the 2020 Census. Trump thinks Chief Justice John Roberts sent him a signal when he said Trump’s lawyers have to come up with a better reason to screw with the Census Report. So Trump told the DOJ to get rid of James Burnham the lead attorney and replace him with a new attorney that can develop a legal case that a lower court will accept by the middle of August.

China wants Trump to drop the tariff rate if he wants to start trade talks again. Mr. Trump told the press China was ready to talk again after his G20 meeting with President Xi. But the Chinese news agency claims Xi wants Trump to rescind his ban on Huawei and drop the tariffs if he wants a trade deal, according to a Bloomberg article.

But according to a new think-tank study, Huawei employees also work for China’s intelligence agency as well as the military. That information could keep the Huawei ban in place. Mr. Trump said he would lift the ban on Huawei, but the Commerce Department still has Huawei on its list of banned companies. The U.S. trade team is in China, but closing a trade deal during this trip won’t happen, according to Bloomberg.

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