Vegas Shooting Sparks Controversy As Claims Are Filed Against Insurance Company

Vegas Shooting

Although there has been little news about the Las Vegas shooting that occurred in 2017, it doesn’t mean that people have swept the incident aside. There were 58 people killed during the shooting. Now, over 4,000 people are seeking some kind of compensation for damages as a result of the deaths and the injuries that occurred that night. The hotel owner is one of those people and has sued the hotel’s insurance company. The owner believes that there has been a breach of contract and that the insurance company hasn’t paid for any of the damages that occurred while a country music festival was taking place outdoors at the hotel before the shooting started.

A shooter started firing from the 32nd floor while Jason Aldean was on the stage. Aside from the 58 people who were killed, there were also over 800 injured. The hotel owner is fighting for the legal costs associated with the shooting more than he is compensation for the victims. There has been some mediation between the insurance company and the owner, but there have been few results achieved from those meetings. Several civil lawsuits have been filed in other states, which could mean years in and out of courts across the country in order for some kind of compensation to be awarded.

The hotel company, MGM, claims that there has been no liability that has occurred as a result of the shooting. However, the insurance company has received claims from over 4,000 people who want answers and who want money. The claims could total millions of dollars once they are settled, but the insurance company and the hotel still have to go to court over the incident and whether there really was a liability issue or not. Until then, the hotel owner and those who have filed claims have to keep waiting.

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