Trump Claims The China Trade Talks Will Resume Before The G20 Summit

China Trade Talks

President Trump’s new campaign slogan was a hit at his Orlando campaign rally. “Keep America Great” is the president’s new battle cry, and his Central Florida voter base loved it. Mr. Trump gave his voters another solid performance filled with fabricated facts, personal attacks, outrageous lies, and dirty political laundry, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump’s presidency continues to tear holes in the constitution, but his disregard for the law and human rights makes his loyal Trumpians cheer for more. Mr. Trump sexist, racist and psychopathic tendencies continue to entertain people around the country. His voters think his method of dealing with Iran and his tariff and sanctions will “Keep America Great,” according to the Washington Post.

Bernie Sanders had a lot to say about Trump’s campaign rally. Sanders told the press Trump didn’t address the climate change issue during his rally, and he is out of touch with the real needs of the people. Sanders said Trump seems to live in a parallel universe where it’s okay to be a xenophobe, homophone, and a religious bigot.

The Iran situation continues to erode thanks to Mike Pompeo’s claim that Iran is behind the ship attacks in the Strait of Hormuz. There is no real proof Iran carried out those attacks. U.S. allies want Pompeo to show them why Trump keeps sending troops to the region and why he has warships ready to missile crush Tehran. Pompeo plans to meet with EU leaders to discuss the Iran situation now that Iran claims they will continue to stockpile uranium even though the stockpile exceeds the limit set by the nuclear treaty agreement.

The tariffs and trade war hurts China’s economy, but the U.S. economy will hurt more by the end of 2019. Government economists say 2019 Gross Domestic Product growth won’t top two percent. But Mr. Trump said he had a phone conversation with Xi, and the Chinese leader agreed to start trade talks again before the G20 Summit.

Mr. Trump blames Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for the ups and downs in the stock market. The president wants Powell to cut interest rates by at least one percent at the June meeting. Mr. Trump tried to demote Powell earlier in the year. But even though Powell was Trump’s pick for Fed chair, he can’t fire or demote him.

Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan said he wants out of the defense department before he goes through the Congressional approval process. Mr. Trump knew about Shanahan’s personal issues when he gave him the job, but the White House gave him the job anyway, according to the CBS News.

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