Private Wall Along Border Could Come Down

Private Wall

There are numerous people across the United States and even in Mexico who support some kind of wall along the border between the two countries. One person is Fernando Ontiveroz. However, some of his neighbors learned that the new border wall that President Trump wants to build will go right across their land. They were unhappy with that idea and tried to cross the border, detained only a short time later. Now, the man who was once in support of the wall has second thoughts.

Ontiveroz lives in a community that is close to the border, so it’s normal seeing people trying to cross over every day. Some of them make it while others are detailed by officers. It’s been some time since the man saw an officer arrest one of his neighbors for crossing the border. A GoFundMe account has secured about $20 million to help with building a wall that stretches across the border. Those who started the fundraiser thought that the money would go to the government to build a barrier that would keep drugs and illegal immigrants from entering the United States. Brian Kolfage is happy that at least a short wall has been built and that it has stopped some of the trouble that the country has encountered from migrants who are trying to get into the United States illegally. The wall wasn’t built by the government, which meant that it was erected in a private manner, taking it through neighborhoods. The people in those neighborhoods simply climbed over the top, hoping that they wouldn’t be caught.

The private wall really hasn’t done the job that it was supposed to and has instead thrown a quiet community into a national debate. Everyone from reporters to construction workers have entered the community to try to find a solution. Now, the wall that was built with private funds might have to come down because there was no notice given to city officials. This would mean that the open space would become larger for migrants to enter the United States once again.

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