Pelosi Won’t Impeach. She’ll Wants To See Trump Do Some Hard Time.

Iranian Airspace

Iranians think they have proof. Trump’s spy drone violated Iranian airspace. Another American plane violated their airspace at the same time, but Iran did not shoot down the plane down and waste the 35 people on board. Iran just wanted to send a message to Trump. Iran’s foreign minister called Trump an economic and military terrorist, and he needs to back off.

Iran knows the U.S. can put a serious dent in Iran’s everyday life if Trump lets John Bolton and Mike Pompeo start firing missiles at Tehran. Prime Minister Javad Zarf believes Iran will be able to destroy key American interests in the Middle East if the U.S. fires one bullet in their direction.

Andrew Weismann, the top prosecutor on the Mueller investigation is ready to make serious money when he publishes his new book about what went on behind the scenes of the Mueller investigation. Random House will publish Weismann’s untitled book. There’s little doubt Weismann can add to the Mueller report fiasco, according to CNN.

Mr. Trump decided to turn the heat on in his tech war with China. Mr. Trump banned Huawei even though American tech companies think Trump made a huge mistake. But just to show he doesn’t listen, he put a ban on several other tech companies.

Prime Minister Trudeau looked uncomfortably awkward while the president blew smoke up the media’s ass about the reason he called off the airstrikes. Trudeau wants Trump to help Canada mend fences with China. Trump asked Canada to arrest Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei when the trade talks first started. China stopped buying some Canadian products, and the Chinese arrested two Canadians living in China and the Meng fight is still going on. At one point, Mr. Trump said he might tell Canada to let Meng go if he got the trade deal he wanted from President Xi.

Huawei plans to sue the U.S. Commerce Department for taking some of their equipment at customs to check the equipment. The Commerce Department never gave Huawei the equipment back.

Nancy Pelosi said she won’t impeach Trump. She told 1,000 Democrats in Connecticut the best way to get to Trump is through the courts. The Republican-controlled Senate won’t find Trump guilty, according to Pelosi. There is not enough concrete evidence to convict the president, but Pelosi thinks there will be an orange jumpsuit in Trump’s future.

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