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Meditation Online With Glo: How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep Every Night Through Daily Meditation


Time is of the essence for me, I work long hours and don’t really have the time to go into town to participate in a class every day. I needed something I could do at home that was convenient for me. I love my job, but it is very stressful, so there are some nights where I find it impossible to sleep worrying about deadlines and other work-related issues. I knew I couldn’t continue like this, so I started to do a bit of digging and found the Glo meditation online classes. After having quite a few disappointments with other companies, I was happy to find that they offer a free 15-day trial. I signed up (and may I add, I was sold after my first session), but I wanted to make sure this was the right company for me. So, I did some research and found out some really interesting information about Glo.

Meditation Online: Who is Glo?

Meditation Online Glo
Release Your Mind’s Potential With the Power of Meditation Online

Formerly Yoga Glo, the company, pioneered by Derik Mills started building its brand in 2007. This is a forward-thinking organization because online fitness was not very popular at the time, and the app revolution hadn’t started yet. They had to deal with a lot of opposition from both the business and the yoga community. I bet they are eating their words now! Despite the naysayers, Glo persisted with their operation, they had a vision that they were not prepared to give up on. After much struggle, the company officially launched in 2008, To date, Glo has worked with people in 164 countries and touched the lives of many, some of their reviews actually brought tears to my eyes.

The Glo Manifesto

Meditation Online with GLo
Check in with your whole self (mind, body, spirit) with the Glo app

One of the things that convinced me to sign up to the Glo monthly subscription was their manifesto. If I am going to part with my hard-earned cash, I am going to do so with a company that actually cares about my well-being. The thing is that anyone can start up a meditation online class and do so purely for profit. That’s not what I’m looking for, and you can tell the difference between a profit driven organization, and one who has the best interests of their customers at heart.

Their manifesto was another tear jerker, Glo’s main goal is to see their customers live a fulfilling and prosperous life. They believe in the philosophy that each one should teach one. In other words, whatever they teach me in their classes, I carry with me and impart to every person that I meet. Love, happiness, joy and total fulfillment is their mantra. 

Meditation Online: How Much do the Glo Classes Cost?

I was extremely happy with the cost of their classes, I’m actually kind of glad I don’t have the time to go to a physical session because I would be paying double the price per class! Glo charges $18 for unlimited access to three different classes, so even though meditation is my thing, if I wanted to, I could also participate in their yoga or Pilates class!

What Type of Classes Does Glo Offer?

Glo has got a range of meditation online classes to offer, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an expert, there is something for everyone. I take the ‘So Hum Breath Meditation’ class with Kia Miller. She is a fantastic teacher, even though you are communicating through a video, she has got really positive energy and you can feel it. I’m looking forward to improving my meditation skills so that I can move onto some more advanced classes. There are several meditation classes to choose from, these include:

  • Breath perception
  • Breath cleanse
  • Dissolve into stillness
  • Be what it is

How Meditation Online Classes Improve Sleep

Meditation and Sleep with the Glo App
Photo by Cristian Newman

If you are skilled at anything such as playing a musical instrument or a sport, you will know that to master it, you have to train. The same is true if you want to master human qualities that we are all born with, but lye dormant because we have not learnt to tap into them.

Most people believe that meditation is something religious, (before I started studying it, I thought so too) that only monks and Buddhists practice as they sit with their legs crossed and fingers in a circle position chanting “omm.” But this is not the case, it is a powerful life force that anyone who is willing to use it properly can benefit from.

Gom Gom Tibetan Meditation

The word meditate originates from several words but I’m only going to touch on two of them:

  1.     Gom: Gom is a Tibetan word which means “to become familiar with.”
  2.     Bhavana: Bhavana is from the ancient Indo-European language of India and it means, “to cultivate.”


So, the act of meditation is a process of familiarizing ourselves with an accurate and clear way of seeing things, and cultivating the positive qualities that lie dormant within us until we take action to awaken them.

I am assuming you are reading this because you want to know how to get a better quality of sleep. The reason you want a better quality of sleep is because as I found in my own life, you are tired of feeling lethargic and lifeless all the time, and it is probably holding you back from achieving your goals and living your best life. Am I right in suggesting this? Ok, keep reading…………..

  1.   Meditation calms the mind: One of the first things you will learn when you start meditating through the meditation online classes, is how busy your mind is. The lungs breathe, the heart beats, and the brain thinks….. A LOT! According to experts, the mind thinks between 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day! We are always thinking, it doesn’t stop when you’ve submitted that assignment that stressed you out to no end, it doesn’t stop once you’ve mailed your income taxes, and neither does it stop when you get into bed and want to fall asleep. When it comes to thinking, there appears to be no “off” button.

Most people find the sheer magnitude of their thoughts overwhelming when I started the Glo meditation online classes, I found it impossible to sit in silence with all that chatter going on inside my mind. Yet, this is something we can’t ignore. As you already know, you can’t sleep when voices are having a conversation in your head.  You can try and push them away with the distraction of reading a novel, watching a good movie, or speaking to a friend on the phone. But eventually, you have to face them, and this is what makes it difficult to sleep.

The good news is that once you get into the habit of meditation, your mind will start to calm down the more you pay attention to your breath. Thoughts and breath are linked through rhythm, as you think, your breath follows the rhythm of your thoughts. Have you ever noticed that the more anxious you are the faster you breathe? Anxiety is nothing but racing thoughts; if you can, pay attention to your breath the next time you are worried about something.

It’s normal to pay attention to our thoughts, but barely anyone pays attention to their breath. With the Glo meditation online classes, you learn how to reverse this and pay attention to your breath and not your thoughts. Think about it like this, if you have the radio playing in the background while you are doing the ironing, and you hear an advert about the latest gadget you’ve been thinking about buying. It might jog your memory to do so, but you are not going to put the iron down and dash out of the house to go and buy it. Although you are listening to the radio and its entertaining you while you are ironing, you’ve detached yourself from it. Now this is the same attitude you need to cultivate when it comes to your thoughts.

Breathe with Meditation Online through the Glo App

By focusing on your breath, you are giving the mind something else to concentrate on, and this is how meditation helps to calm the mind. Once the mind is calm, sleep will come naturally.

  1.  Meditation improves concentration: One of the theories about meditation is that it works in the same way as exercise does for the body. Meditation trains the brain as if it were a muscle, making it stronger every time we practice.

A study published in the Psychological Science journal found that there are several brain functions that are enhanced by meditation, and one of them is concentration. The study discovered that intensive meditation can help people maintain their attention even during the most mundane tasks. The study highlighted research from the 1970’s that concluded Buddhist monks who have meditated for years, perform better on concentration tests than the average person who doesn’t meditate.

Ok, so I said all that to say this – the first point emphasizes how focusing on breath helps to calm the mind. Focus is just another way of saying concentrate, so the more you are able to concentrate on your breath, the easier it will be for you to turn off the voices in your head and fall asleep.

Just think about this for a minute, during the Glo meditation online classes, you start the meditation process by focusing on your breath. To some, what I am about to say next is probably going to sound completely ridiculous but it makes sense. We have been conditioned to solve problems by thinking, but nobody ever told us we could solve problems by breathing. What I am trying to say is that the foundation of meditation is breathing, once we have mastered that, we are on our way to mastering life! Get it? As previously stated, meditation is concentrating on the breath. In the Thai language, the word for concentration is “samadhi” which also means “meditation.”

Meditation and Concentration
Want to do this one day? Improve your concentration with meditation

When the brain is in concentration mode, there is nothing else for it to do but concentrate. Think about walking on a tight rope; the rope is secured between two buildings. When all your focus is on your breath, there is nothing else for you to do but think about your breathing. Your thoughts are no longer a part of the equation, if you start focusing on your thoughts again, that means you have lost your concentration and you are no longer focusing on your breath. If you lost your balance while walking along the tight rope, who would you blame, the rope or yourself?

When you are trying to get to sleep, your body might be lying in your bed, but your mind is still at your office desk thinking about all the deadlines you’ve got to meet tomorrow. In other words, your mind is not connected to your body. However, the body is responsible for breathing and the mind concentrates on the breath. Concentrating on the breath unites the mind and the body making it not only easier for you to fall asleep, but to have a deep and peaceful sleep.

  1. Meditation eliminates automatic thinking: First of all, for all those who don’t know, automatic thoughts are the thoughts that we don’t even realize we are thinking! Huh? Yes, you can think without knowing you are thinking! Remember, according to experts we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. If I were to ask you to write down your last 1,000 thoughts, you wouldn’t be able to and that’s because you were not consciously thinking about them.
Thinking can be a burden, try meditation for once
Thinking can be a burden, try meditation instead of thinking for once 

One of the things you will learn when you start the Glo meditation online classes, is that thinking is a burden. This is not to say that Buddhists don’t value the art of thinking, it is often celebrated in Buddhist literature, but their focus is on clear, right and insightful thinking. This makes no sense to the average person, because Western culture values thinkers, and people such as Einstein and Aristotle are put on pedal stalls because of their intellectual capabilities.

Yoga Online and Meditation Online Help you Secure your thoughts

Most people believe that we produce thoughts, but the Buddhists believe that thoughts produce us. Our thoughts create our reality, whether you see yourself as a success or a failure, the way you think defines you. As stated, the majority of our thoughts are unconscious, so if you believe that you are a failure, your unconscious thought process is constantly reinforcing this belief. According to Tich Nhat Hanh, only 10 percent of our thoughts are useful. One of the purposes of concentrating on the breath is to make us aware of the things we do automatically. Tich Nhat Hanh also promotes eating and walking meditation. As we begin to focus on what’s going on internally, we will start to create an awareness of the things we think and do automatically, this is what is referred to as the awakening and we start living consciously, instead of unconsciously.

One of the negative consequences of automatic thinking is difficulty in sleeping. When you are unable to shut off your thoughts, the brain is unable to switch into sleep mode. Have you ever been lying in bed, unable to sleep and as far as you are aware you are not thinking about anything in particular, but you still can’t sleep? You are thinking unconsciously, and it’s this that makes it hard for you to fall asleep.  

Do The Glo Meditation Online Classes Help You Fall Asleep at Night?

Some people may be skeptical about online classes, but there is no need to be with Glo. Their teachers are highly trained professionals who will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire session (you can check out the Glo teachers on their website).

And to answer the question do the classes help you to fall asleep at night? YES, THEY DO! It took about a week for me to really get into it, I found it difficult to focus my mind at first, but once I figured it out, my sleepless nights are no more! The awesome thing is that not only am I getting better sleep, I have also noticed that I am more focused and less anxious. I find it easier to leave my worries at the desk without bringing them home with me.

The bottom line is that not getting enough sleep is bad for your health, so why not take advantage of the Glo meditation online class. You can take part right in the comfort of your own home at a time that’s most convenient for you. For just $18 per month, you get access to unlimited classes which is cheaper than the majority of single face to face sessions. Remember, not only do you get access to meditation classes, you will also have access to the Glo yoga and Pilates classes! You can even try before you buy with their 15-day free trial. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click here and register today.

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