Many Puzzled by President Trump’s Recent Show Of Compromise

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A few days ago Trump decided against his own decision to launch a military strike against Iran after the country shot down an American drone. The president caught many off guards once again when he called off his much-hyped immigration raids that were scheduled for Sunday.

Many are asking if a president that has shown the tendency to be so impulsive with his decision making in the past is becoming a bit more thoughtful. Others feel it is more likely the president is considering the very real possibility of failure in his 2020 reelection bid.

If you factor in recent Tweets by the president in which he explains he does not enjoy the thought of losing and is not prepared to do so, the latter of the two scenarios above seems a little more likely.

Trump took to Twitter and detailed the tense moments just before the retaliatory strikes against Iran were set to take place. He said everything was in place for the strikes and the military was ‘locked and loaded.’ The president explains he asked at the last minute how many people would die in the strikes. He said when he was told 150 people could lose their lives, he decided it was an inappropriate response to the Iranian military shooting down an unmanned aircraft.

Many commentators on the matter were stunned to hear the president express the fact he did not know the number of expected casualties until so late in the process.

The decision by Trump to halt the immigration deportations that were so hyped for nearly a week also caused many to scratch their heads. It began with a Tweet from the president last Monday in which he announced the beginning of ‘millions’ of deportations were at hand. A Friday report announced the deportations would begin Sunday and said 2000 families in 10 cities were the first targets.

However, Saturday morning Trump announced he would suspend the raids for two weeks in hopes Democratic lawmakers could come up with a compromise he approves.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is said to have called the president and took part in a 12-minute conversation with him about the planned raids. This is after the president berated Pelosi two weeks ago and called her a horrible person.

These events seem like a major transformation for a president who has ignored the input of everyone, including members of his own cabinet, multiple times during his time as president. A recent poll by Monmouth University showed less than 40 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump should be reelected. And it is numbers like this that are most likely to be the source of the president’s newfound willingness to compromise.

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