Europe Plans To Beat Climate Change Into Trump’s Head At The G20 Summit

Climate Change, G20 Summit

FedEx took a $2 billion hit in the second quarter thanks to Trump’s trade war and his decision to ban Huawei. Apple and other tech companies also feel the pressure of Trump’s foreign policy decisions. Most of the big tech companies want Trump to back off the Huawei ban. He may not get the trade deal he wants if he doesn’t let Huawei do business in the U.S., according to the Washington Post.

Bob Mueller made Congress happy when he agreed to answer some of the questions Congress has about his investigation. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee thinks Mueller didn’t connect all the collusion dots during his investigation. Schiff believes his investigation turned up proof that Trump did work out a plan with Russia in 2016. Schiff also believes Trump obstructs justice most days of the week, so he wants to know why Mueller went soft on Trump.

Mr. Mueller followed his investigation instructions, according to the Times. Some of the information he received did not apply to his investigation. That’s the information Schiff and Judicial Chair Jerry Nadler want to piece together.

Mr. Trump told the press Mueller was dirty when he was FBI director. The president said Mueller destroyed evidence to protect two FBI agents. Two agents sent emails that said the FBI wouldn’t let a sleaze bag like Trump sleep in the White House.

Eric Trump got a taste of a Chicago server’s saliva when she felt the urge to drip a juicy green one down Eric’s bone white face. Eric let out a Trumpian scream, and the secret service agents took the spitting server to the slammer. Chicago is not Trump territory, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Iran said Trump stepped on their last peaceful nerve, so they blocked his Twitter account. The Iranian foreign minister told the press if Trump keeps up his George Patton impersonation, Iran will show him what they think of his oil assets in the Middle East. They might not have matches thanks to Trump’s sanctions, but they still have flints, according to the Iranian news agency.

Mr. Trump has a lot to do at the G20 Summit. He has to make a deal with China. And he has to convince U.S. allies that his beef with Iran is more than a favor he promised Ben Netanyahu and Price Salman.

Macron wants to beat Trump up over his stupid climate change opinions. And other European leaders want Trump to know weather and climate are different things. If Trump doesn’t get with the climate change program, Macron said he won’t sign the letter at the end of the summit.

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