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Academy of Art University Students Have the World at Their Feet at the Annual Spring Show


Academy of Art University students truly have the world at their feet at the Annual Spring Show; that is, a world of creative and artistic career opportunities. Each year, the general public, alumni, and industry leaders from a host of top companies come to explore and experience the best work students have to offer, all in one grand location.

“The real advantage of Spring Show is that for one and probably the only time in [the students’] careers, the world comes to them,” said School of Illustration Director Chuck Pyle. “The rest of the time, it’s them going out to the world, chasing them down.”

It’s truly the event of the year—Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show 2019, showcasing the best and brightest student work in over 40 areas of art and design. The final pieces of student work will remain on public display starting Friday, May 17, through June 15, excluding Sundays and holidays, at 2225 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA.

Spring Show 2019 is an opportunity for the graduating class—a diverse group of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, photographers, filmmakers, technologists, communicators, problem-solvers, and strategists—to show off some of their freshest, most innovative creations. It’s also a time when industry professionals spend time with students, even in one-on-one meetings, to talk about career possibilities.

The Importance of Networking

The Annual Spring Show is a tremendous networking opportunity. In fact, according to School of Interior Architecture & Design Executive Director Archana Meyer, networking is something her department focuses on from day one.

“At our orientations, we tell them that each of their teachers are industry professionals, so networking starts on the first day of class—in their first class, first year,” said Meyer. “It’s really just this ongoing skill set that we encourage them to facilitate and foster, culminating in this moment today (at the Spring Show)—put it all out there, here it is.”

School of Advertising Director Andrea Pimentel affirms that advertising is a networking-based field and how important it is to take that first step in building relationships with industry representatives at the Spring Show.

“We hope (the Spring Show) leads to immediate jobs for our students, but a lot of the connections they make today really materialize two, three, five years down the road,” she explained. “Everybody in advertising knows everybody at a certain point, and we’re kind of giving them a first step into that world.”

For example, the School of Animation & Visual Effects (ANM) is one of the most prestigious programs offered at the Academy, and has one of the highest graduation rates of students into professional VFX companies. Much of this success is due to Studio X, ANM’s in-house production pipeline that trains students to industry standard skill levels with work on commercial and independent films.

Each year at the Spring Show, ANM draws one of the largest groups of industry professionals to meet students and assess hiring potential. Major FX and animation companies likeMarvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, Industrial Light & Magic, and Double Negative send representatives to meet with students and review their work.

academy of art university

Academy of Art University – An Epicenter of Artistic Talent

Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show is a veritable smorgasbord of innovative design and talent, as all of its departments, from fine art and fashion to illustration and industrial design, present their students’ best work to be viewed by special industry guests and alumni, as well as students’ peers, families, and friends.


However, it’s no surprise that such a volume of creative talent is available. Academy of Art University has been training creatives in various artistic disciplines in the Bay Area since 1929. It is the largest privately-owned art school in the United States, and regularly sees its graduates enter exciting careers in motion pictures, architectural design, game design, fashion, and more.

Students from all over the world come to Academy of Art University to make a start with instructors who are themselves working creatives, actively involved in the industries and disciplines in which they teach. The University provides the academic foundation and the hands-on know-how that graduates need to enter and grow successful careers in over 40 different creative disciplines.

academy of art university

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