Trump’s Foreign Policy Shortcomings

Trump's Foreign Policy

President Trump’s recent foreign policy remarks follow an ineffective pattern that’s remained present throughout his presidency. Although he has been playing tough, there’s little to show in terms of foreign policy wins. His tweets will range from statements supporting brinksmanship to stating that he does not want a war. It’s almost as if Trump is working to escalate conflicts with adversaries across the globe. He’s done this in countries like Venezuela, Iran, and China. Even though some advisors may be responsible to a degree, it is ultimately the president’s responsibility to maintain the country’s relationships with both friend and foe.
Trump follows a simple formula. He uses tough talk to make up for the absence of a true plan. To be fair to the president, the perceived threats are indeed very real. China has been caught multiple times cheating on trade, the Iranian regime is a destabilizing element in the Middle East, and Venezuela has been suffering for years. He is correct in trying to address these issues, but he is not always working towards a viable solution.
Trump’s tough talk seems to serve some domestic purpose. His demands often energize his base of supporters, even when it doesn’t lead to any sort of tangible change. He has been incredibly active with little to show for it. The one foreign policy victory you may consider to be his, the expelling of ISIS from Syria, was a continued effort from the prior administration.
At the start of his term, his tough talk was seemingly yielded results. But, now many are used to his brand of rhetoric. It no longer shocks. North Korea has yet to dismantle its nuclear program. Even America’s adversaries are unclear as to what the president wants. This confusion of goals can exacerbate the danger of a situation. Hopefully, if elected for a second term, the Trump administration will start elaborating more on their goals. To read more about Trump’s foreign policy, check out the original at NBCNews.

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