Trump Lies Put Vulnerability On Display

President Trump

Most of us understand that each word spoken by the president must be taken with a grain of salt. This fact disgusts some of us. Others are simply tired of it. And some still make excuses for the frequent untruths told by the president.

Whatever an individual’s opinion, lying is a constant part of Donald Trump’s character and a predicament to be dealt with by the president.

A Washington Post fact check determined a month ago that the current president of the United States has made more than 10,000 false or misleading comments since taking office. And by all accounts, the pace of these lies are quickening.

The 45th president will lie about any subject for any reason. He will lie for attention, to brag on himself, to defame others, and just about any other reason that could be imagined.

The president believes there will be no consequences to pay for his deceptive behavior. And his base gives him all the reason necessary to continue his dishonest actions. And when there is no consequence for liars and thieves they will be unashamed to continue lying and stealing.

But many believe the worst lies from Trump comes when he acts in desperation. It is also at these times when the ire we feel at his lies is most justified.

It is not difficult to notice the president’s face flush when he feels close to being identified for what he really is. You can see the defensiveness and nervousness in his posture when he is reminded of his fear of exposure that he is a mortal being.

Court records were released a week ago that detailed a recording of Trump’s lawyers trying to coerce former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, to make comments favorable to the president when interviewed by the Robert Mueller investigation.

The revelation highlighted how ridiculous Trump’s claims of no obstruction or collusion sound. It also adds credibility to House Democrats who wish to impeach the president.

Trump’s response to the revelation was to do something that comes perfectly natural to him. He took to Twitter and told a lie. The Tweet suggested President Trump did not know Flynn was under investigation when the security advisor was interviewed multiple times by investigators. The statement is blatantly false and misleading.

In the end, Trump does not understand the concept of contrition. But the moments of desperation he shows is proof the world is not totally crazy.

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