Why the Trump Administration Refused to Sign the Christchurch Call to Action

Trump Administration

Online extremism has been on the rise and this has led to a combined effort between nations to bring it to an end. This has led to the establishment of the Christchurch call to action that is meant to combat the evil and its being backed by New Zealand and France. The United States announced that it will not be part of the call to action with the Trump administration refusing to sign the pact. What we know about the call to action is that it’s more of intent than policy. It’s meant for private tech companies as well as nations to end or bring down content that is deemed to support terrorism from the internet. In fact, the pact says that those who sign the call to action should ensure that the content it removed to its entirety and as soon as possible. It also calls for involved parties to make sure that there is no live-streaming of terrorist attacks to prevent the spreading of hate and extremism. The Trump administration said that it would not be signing the call to action saying that Americans should not be denied their free-speech rights that are guaranteed by the constitution. The call to action was as a result of the attacks that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attacks were broadcasted as they happened on Facebook Live and resulted in the death or 52 Muslim worshipers.

The Trump administration seems uninterested in what the call to action has to offer. It’s not even a legal decree and it doesn’t even have a plan for enforcement meaning that it’s a sort of a nonbinding pledge. It can be interpreted as a way of acknowledging there is a problem that is quickly growing and one that should be addressed. Since there are no legally abiding mechanisms there is no harm in signing the call to action. The fact that the administration refused to sign the call to action sent a strong message. This has been the case for the current administration to use the First Amendment as an excuse and as a political tool to deny Americans some rights they deserve. The president in the past has used a series of Twitter messages to show the world that he is against social media censorship and that his administration will not support the same. The president in the past accused Google of hiding information about him. He termed it as a way of suppressing conservative voices.

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