The Russians Say Trump’s 60 Minute Putin Call Was Actually 90 Minutes

Joe Biden

Joe Biden jumped into Trump’s swamp and called him a “clown” while he tried to sell his aging diplomat routine to Democrats who want to see change. But the change they want is little more than a spot on a tick’s back. Biden really got excited during one of his matinee performances. He called Trump a “Son of a Bitch.” Biden told the crowd the only thing Trump understands is “fighting dirty.”

Bernie Sanders may be trailing Biden in the polls, but his messages keep getting stronger and his army of leftist liberal socialists continues to grow. Bernie stands by his voting record. Biden has to defend his record. The best way to defend it is to own it, but there’s an automatic pause button in politicians that stops them from owning their mistakes. Biden button is in the “On” position, according to Anita Hill.

Kamala Harris wants the justice department to give Barr a spanking for acting like Trump’s lawyer. And then she wants the DOJ to throw Barr to the Democrats so they can tear him to legal shreds.

Congress is still trying to figure out how to spank Barr for not acting like an attorney general, according to the constitution. Harris and Senator Aloha Hirono called Barr a liar when Graham tried to defend him during the Senate Judiciary hearing. Barr told the House a big fat lie when they asked Bill if he knew whether Bob Mueller had a problem with his lame four-page summary.

Michael Cohen is in an orange jumpsuit for lying to Congress. But Barr is a special kind of liar. He’s got executive privilege protection when he tells his lies. Barr can lie to Congress till the cows come home. He won’t get to have his picture taken in an orange jumpsuit until Trump leaves office, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Cohen tried to talk to prosecutors before he had to head to that minimum security prison in New York. But prosecutors had enough of Cohen’s proposal to rat on Trump continuously instead of serving five years in jail.

Trump told the country he and Putin shared world game plans for 60 minutes on the phone. Trump must have been face-timing with his pal. He said Putin smiled after he said the Mueller report started off like a mountain and ended like a mouse. The Russian embassy caught most of the conversation. A spokesman told the press Trump and Putin talked for 90 minutes, not 60.

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