Opus Consulting Strives To Help Firms In The Payments Industry

Payments Industry

Opus Consulting is a technology company that strives to solve issues happening in the payments industry. Opus is dedicated to becoming the strategic business and technology transformation partner to top brands in the payment industry. Opus Consulting values respect, collaboration, and integrity. Opus wants to promote an atmosphere where people can grow and achieve work-life balance. Opus employees have the opportunity to learn different techniques and stay informed on all of the latest industry trends.

Opus CEO TM Praveen

The Chief Executive Officer of Opus Consulting is TM Praveen. Praveen manages the development of Opus, while brainstorming different ideas concerning the direction of the company. While working at Opus, Praveen has held multiple positions in the delivery organization while also leading the cards, retail, and payments service line. Praveen has worked in several industries over the course of his career. His areas of expertise include IT services, strategy, account management, and global markets.

Digital Transformation

Opus believes that Digital Transformation is the key to slowing down extinction. DT is defined as the integration of digital technology into multiple areas of business. Opus believes that Digital Transformation has the ability to change how businesses serve their customers. DT uses a combination of innovative thinking and teamwork to develop new business models.

Opus is considered a leader for Digital Transformation in the payments space. Opus analyzes agility and system performance to help develop solutions to different issues. Specifically, Opus analyzes different systems among a firm’s value chain. Opus works with their clients to create a system that will help each client reach their individual goals.

Featured Capabilities


Opus works with multiple payment processors to transform the infrastructure into an innovative cloud based platform. Opus uses scalability, management, and database migration to help their clients.


Opus is committed to delivering automated solutions to solve complex issues throughout the ecosystem. Opus has enhanced their cloud to solve issues involving customer accounts and agent on boarding. Opus helps their clients with migration, consulting, and implementation.

Machine Learning

Opus has a team of data scientists, engineers, and consultants that work with their clients to help them create complex machine learning use cases. Opus helps their clients with issues such as data mining, predictive analysis, and statistical modeling. Opus also uses an AI controlled BOT to help their clients go through different payment processes.

Risk & Fraud Management

Opus offers their clients different processing solutions across channels and networks for large financial institutions. Opus offers end to end EMV implementation services to help reduce card present fraud on credit cards. Opus has helped several payment organizations secure sensitive information. Opus strives to stay up to date with the different global compliance regulations. Opus develops compliance solutions for large institutions to help them prevent fraud and money laundering.

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