Munchies CEO Amit Kleinberger Believes In Category Brand Building

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Amit Kleinberger is one of those retail executives who started at ground zero in the food industry. Amit got a taste of the retail food industry when he got a job at a Subway when he was in high school. He learned how to interact with customers during his Subway experience. Burger King hired young Kleinberger once he got the retail food bug. He developed a passion for making people happy in his younger years, and that passion is still on display today.

Mr. Kleinberger believes the food service industry makes people happy. Amit tries to spread that happiness around now that he’s the CEO of Munchies, a 375-store chain of self-serve yogurt stores. His goal is to give his customers value. In fact, Amit Kleinberger thinks executives have a moral obligation to give people the value they expect from retail establishments. His other goal is to make people smile. Amit’s 5,000 employees learn how to make customers smile by listening to them and serving them with a smile.

When Amit Kleinberger became CEO of Munchies in 2008, his mindset was to make his brand number one in the retail yogurt business. Being number one trumps being number two by a longshot, according to Mr. Kleinberger. Amit believes being the number one brand gives employees the credibility and the confidence they need to serve clients in a way that proves the brand deserves to be number one.

Amit likes to plan for the future. His inspirations give him the energy to take chances and meet goals that other brands think are too radical for the market. But Amit thinks being radical and ahead of the curve is what makes brands great. He likes to talk about Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s famous. He is also a big fan of Jeff Bezos. Those men demonstrated the power of positive thinking Amit tries to instill in his employees. Those men made their brands the go-to brand in their category. Being a global retail leader is Amit Kleinberger’s passion, and he’s well on his way, according to several articles about Munchies expansion plans. Thinking big is part of Amit Kleinberger’s DNA.

Team building is important to Kleinberger. He claims his military training gave him the tools he needed to manage people the right way. The most important component in successful retail operations is team building, according to Kleinberger.

It took Kleinberger three years to develop Munchies new line of frozen yogurts. Amit wanted the new flavors to have that number one brand recognition when they arrived in the stores. It’s all about value, service, and making people happy in Amit Kleinberger’s world of frozen yogurt.

He stands by the qualities he tries to instill in every employee. He wants employees to be team players dedicated to company goals. And he wants them to be system-orientated and driven by a higher purpose.

But making employees smile and making them feel like family will always be one of his passions.

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