Joe Biden Criticized for his Climate Change Policy

Joseph R. Biden

Joseph R. Biden, the former Vice President of the United States has some mud on him after he was accused of being weak when it comes to matters of climate change. This comes amid his plans of vying for the 2020 elections as the main Democratic candidate for the president of the United States. These accusations have been made by a number of progressive environmental organizations as well as some rivals in the Democratic Party. However, according to the New York Times, these accusations have been drawn from a plan that Mr. Biden has devised on how he will fight climate change. This plan is yet to be released and it was first leaked by the Reuters. In the report, Mr. Biden is said to have taken a middle ground when it comes to issues of climate change. The report also reveals that the former vice president’s policy will incorporate some of Obama-era regulations especially on coal fired power plants as well as automobiles. As a result, his policies will have a huge role for the natural gas and nuclear energy in the United States energy sector. This has left him open to criticism from his main political rivals as well as left supporters who accuse him of underestimating the issue of climate change and global warming. He risks failing to get the support of many Millennials who are for the Green New Deal that advocates for the end of fossil fuel usage.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is also viewed as Mr. Biden greatest rival tweeted that on issues of climate change, there seems to be no middle ground. He also faced the criticism of Washington Governor Jay Inslee who praised Mr. Biden for the role that he had played in the previous administration in fighting climate change. He however insisted that the United States should not dwell on the past and it’s for this reason the United States should draft a bold climate plan because of the future generation. The Washington governor is using the issue of climate change as the pillar of his campaign. Mr. Biden policy has also been termed as a deal breaker by outspoken Ocasio Cortez, a Representative from the State of New York. His plan has also been criticized by a movement called the Sunrise Movement that is pioneered by young Americans. Through T.J. Ducklo who is the campaign spokesman of Mr. Biden, he hit back at the report by Reuters saying that the publication mischaracterized his plan.

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