What we Don’t know about Iran


The Trump administration has become accustomed to using the phrase “show of violence” when they want to send a message to intimidate a lesser power. This could be a nation in Central America or notorious countries such as the People’s Republic of North Korea. As the New York Times has noted, the president does not fulfill his threats leaving them a mere bluffs. One man who has specialized with these threats under the Trump administration is John Bolton, a man who has been at the center of the US-Iran conflict for over 10 years. He has been selling Mr. Trumps agenda that seems like a well written script. At the moment, he is involved in pushing countries that oppose the US to a corner. He can use several tactics be it militarily or even economically. This is a man who has been trained to use minor incidences to justify why some nations should be attacked. For instance, in the past few years since the Trump administration came to power he has been trying to justify a military response to the presence of a few weapons of mass destruction on Iran. The intriguing question this time is whether we will fall for the hoax or whether we have learned from previous incidences.

Talking to educated people in Iran who are also very intelligent reveals that they are not afraid of a confrontation with the United States. Most of these people are ready for whatever the US brings along as they consider the severe sanctions that they have faced over the years as an act of war. Talking to a 70 year old man who says he doesn’t like the current Iranian regime reveals more than meets the eye. He says that he would put his life on hold to fight the Americans as a volunteer. He says that he is personally fed up of the silly sanctions as he puts it. The editor says that he was surprised to hear educated people come up with such arguments. The editor says that he can only assume what people living in the poor parts of the country can do. He reasons that they would fly to America to fight its people there with a heartbeat. The editor concludes by saying that since he has lived in Iran and has known many people there, trying to fight with Iran would result to a war that would be greater than the Iraq war.

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