Donata Meirelles Identifies 11 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends to Try Now


Spring has officially sprung. And although the change in the weather is what most people look forward to this season, there is another reason to look forward to this time of year: new fashion and beauty trends. Every season has its ups and downs when it comes to trends. There is usually a curveball, whether it is eyeliner on your creases or wearing oversized coats. Luckily, spring 2019 is full of trends that are practical, yet exciting and Donata Meirelles has a few to highlight.

It is no surprise that color is a spring 2019 trend. It is everywhere, and it is loud. Although color can pop every time of year, spring is when we replace our dark clothing and accessories and take out our most colorful pieces. Another trend this season is all about the fit. Rather than bodycon dresses or tight-as-ever skirts, we are seeing a lot of clothing trends that are looser when worn. We are calling this a miracle, especially since we’re still trying to get in shape for summer.

In makeup trends, color is especially making an appearance. Spring is inspiring us to play up our beauty looks without overdoing it. It is all about balance, by wearing only a pop of color on the eye or the lip. Finally, makeup trends this season are also showing us how to use products in more than one way.

Whether you are a seasoned style star or you’re looking for a way to heighten your fashion, here are 11 trends to try this spring.


There is nothing new about neon. It has been around since it became a huge hit in the 1980s, and it has not really left since. But this season, it is coming into the light with a bang. Neon might have been more rock than class in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but this year it is oh-so-fashionable, and Donata really saw neon in full effect at this year’s Coachella.

Donata Meirelles says on Twitter that rather than wearing neon pink fishnets or a neon blue crop-top, the way to wear neon this season is by doing it tastefully. Start with a neon blazer. You can go with any neon color here, but balancing the brightness is key. Go with a white slouchy top and a pair of mid-dark blue jeans. You could even wear this look with a pair of Bermuda shorts, which is another hot trend this season.

For your feet, do not go super glam or wild. Instead, some open-toe booties will tone down your look from rocker-chic to fashion maven. When it comes to your makeup, we suggest a more natural look. You could bring in a bit of color with your eyeliner but be sure not to overdo it.

More Than One Pattern

When you think of grandmother fashion, you might envision some interesting patterns, a lot of neutral colors, and shapes that are not too flattering. You might also notice a mix of all the above, especially numerous patterns worn at the same time. Well, we have some news for you. It seems like the fashion gods were inspired by your grandmother’s closet because all these characteristics are on trend this season.

If you have watched the latest fashion week’s runway show, you might see one of these trends more than the others. Mixing patterns is huge this season. And we’re not talking about mixing some striped and paisley patterns. We are talking about houndstooth, gingham, florals, herringbone, animal print, and pretty much every other pattern out there.

If you want to experiment with this trend, we recommend sticking to a similar color palette within each pattern. For instance, if you are mixing an animal print, florals, and gingham, look for neutral tones to mix, rather than going too extreme. One look we are most interested in is a floral suit mixed with an animal print top underneath. You heard that right.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Ever a Brazilian Instagram icon, Donata Meirelles says that a pop of color can take your makeup look from drab to dreamy. That could be one reason why a major beauty trend this season is rainbow eyeshadows. Why choose one bright color when you can choose them all, right?

One tip for this psychedelic trend is to, again, do it tastefully. One way we have seen this trend worn is by having one shade on your eyelid, followed by multiple colors on your lower lash line. For instance, use a neon pink on your lid. On your lower lash line, bring in a swipe of blue, yellow, and even green.

This look might seem a little over-the-top, but it’s a popular one for sure. If you are braving this trend, you will want to tone down your makeup, so the attention is all on your eyes. No eyeliner or even mascara is required. Let the shadow do the talking, and take your new look to Instagram for all to envy.

Knee-length Everything

Knee-high fashion has not really been a thing in past years. We have seen super short, super long, and somewhere in between. But the knee is something new. This year, the runway was full of knee-length looks that had everyone second-guessing their fashion choices. In previous decades, teenagers were forced to wear their shorts, skirts, and dresses to their knees. But now it’s a fashion choice.

How do you choose an item of clothing to wear to your knee, you ask? Start with one of this season’s favorite garments: shorts. Rather than going way too short this season, a longer length is what all the top fashion magazines are telling us to purchase. Not only is this length more comfortable, but it is also super versatile. You no longer have to change from short shorts to pants at night, as a longer short can keep most of your leg warm when the temperatures drop.

What to wear with a long short is another question that we are happy to help with. If you go with a cardigan and white tank top, you might start looking like one of those ladies who plays tennis every day at noon. To make the look more fashionable, pair these shorts with an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater. You could also go in the direction of a crop top and leather jacket. Finally, go with some fashionable wedges or even a pair of tennis shoes to finish the look off. Speaking of tennis shoes, the white sneaker is back, and this would be perfect to pair with this look.

Mesh Clothing

A little see-through clothing never did anyone wrong, right? That is what the trend reports are saying this season, anyway. We have seen mesh and sheer tops on the runway for years now. And although we are all about showing it all off, this season is all about wearing mesh while also not going too far.

If you want to experiment with the mesh trend, start with a crop top. Wear a high-waisted skirt or high-waisted jeans, followed by a mesh crop top. Underneath the top, you can wear a bandeau or even a bikini top. We have seen a lot of black mesh tops this season, especially paired with a pop of color underneath. But this look can also go in a classy direction with a black mesh top, followed by a black bandeau under.

Mesh can take your look in one of two directions: goth or glam. Both are fresh this season, but how you pair the look will decide which road you take. We recommend a light makeup look with mesh. A fresh face can balance a little hardcore mesh, whether you’re wearing it during a date night or to the beach.

Highlighter All Over

Knowing that wearing highlighter all over your face is a trend might scare you a bit. But this trend is far from that cakey highlighter look we’ve seen way too often. Rather than trying to contour your face too much, wearing highlighter on different sections of your face can actually balance your makeup look.

Here is how it is done. First of all, you need to start with a combo of highlighters, rather than just one shade. There are a lot of highlighter palettes out there; you just have to find a duo or trio of them to have some options. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup every day, it is easy to add a little highlighter here and there to give you a glow.

Start with the darker highlighter shade across your cheekbones. From there, use the lighter shade on the bridge of your nose, on your brow bone, and even a tad on your chin. The bonus about finding a highlighter palette with several color options is that you can also wear highlighter as eyeshadow.


Whether your mom used to dress you in all-over ruffles or not, they are coming back with a bang according to Donata Meirelles. The former Vogue Style Director says that the ruffle trend can be seen practically everywhere these days. And no, we are not talking about lacey ruffles on your socks, although we would not put that past us.

There are plenty of ways to wear ruffles, whether you want to go classy, sassy, or somewhere in between. We recommend adding a touch of ruffles to a clean look. There are some beautiful dresses out there that have a pop of ruffle on the shoulder or neckline. You could also find a top with ruffles on the sleeve. Or you can add some ruffles to your skirt, which will give your overall look an interesting finish.

‘90s Fashion

We’ve mentioned neon, and this trend isn’t the only one inspired from decades ago. This spring, you can find plenty of fashion pieces from the 1990s. We are talking platform tennis shoes, crew-neck sweatshirts, white sneakers, and even denim overalls.

You might not have even been around in the ‘90s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rep this favorite fashion decade now. Rather than going super ‘90s with basic denim overalls, we suggest going the dress route. This is a perfect spring and summer look, plus, it will allow you to play up the ‘90s look with some 2000’s fashion. Add a band tee to your look, and you are set for a night out with your friends.

Another ‘90s look this season is the cropped sweater. You saw it on your favorite TV show about a group of “friends” doing life together, and it is back for 2019. The cropped, button-down sweater can be worn with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Finish this look with some wedges or booties, and you’ll be ready for a fun concert or casual date night.

Natural Lashes

Fake lashes are so 2018. This season’s lash trend is taking advantage of what you already have, which will save you a lot of money. We are calling that a beauty bonus. Rather than getting lash extensions, it is quite all right to let your natural lashes shine.

This season, go lighter with only a couple swipes of mascara. There are many mascaras out there that lengthen your lashes, but you do not even need to go in that direction for 2019. On some runways, we even saw naked lashes, which means they are letting their little lashes be in the spotlight, rather than going too glam with fake ones.

Shoulder-showing Tops

The temperatures are rising this spring, which means you can finally pull your sunny-day garments out of the black hole they have been in for months. Let your shoulders out this season with another trend that is all over the globe.

Off-the-shoulder tops can let the sunshine kiss your shoulders, while also cooling you off during a hot day. Another way to rock this look is with a tube top. Yes, the tube top is also back in 2019, which is another ‘90s-famous trend. Whichever way you let your shoulders out, know that your look will fit right in with this season’s trendsetters.

Loose Vibes

Not feeling ready to rock that bikini quite yet? Well, we have some good news for you. The final trend we are recommending this season is going loose with your clothing. This is no way means that you should hide your body. In fact, it is just another way to feel confident, look on-trend, and also feel comfortable in your skin.

The top runway shows this season featured a plethora of loose garments. From dresses and skirts to tops and layers, we saw a lot of loose-fitting outfits. How do you rock this look while also feeling fashion-savvy? Start with a breezy skinny-strapped dress. If the dress is one size too big, even better. Add a layer on top with a loose-fitting cardigan. Next, wrap a scarf or belt around your waist. Pair this look with a draped jacket for cool nights. The shoes are up to you, as you can’t really go wrong. We suggest open-toed booties.

Donata Meirelles

Donata is the former Style Director of Vogue Brasil, but her experience in fashion began long before this.  Her experience at Daslu, as an international buyer, would be pivotal in her understanding of the fashion industry, and on the importance of staying on top of fashion trends.  Donata Meirelles was very successful during her time at Daslu, even being named one of the 5 best buyers in the world by French magazine, L’officiel.

Meirelles has also been recognized for her work with amfAR in Brazil, as well as her commitment to the Women in the World Foundation as a Brazilian Ambassador.


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