Cynthia Grossman, Advocating For The Equity Of Men And Women

Business Success, Philanthropy, Women

In the past, women were not a massive part of the corporate world as they were not given equal chances as their male counterparts. Things have, however, changed over the years. More women have joined the corporate world, and some have gone as high as holding leadership positions in corporate business. One of these women is Cynthia Grossman, the Director of Arca Continental. Cynthia has vast experience in the corporate industry as she started her career early. Cynthia became one of the few women to become a member of the board of directors in the year 1983. She was a member of the Grupo Continental SAB’s Board of Directors. The position eventually culminated into a chairwoman position in the year 2000. Cynthia has used her expertise to make brilliant changes Arca Continental, and the company is now an internationally recognized company. Cynthia Grossman uses her positions as the Director of Arca Continental to champion for the equality of women and men at workplaces. Cynthia believes that women should be given equal opportunities as men to advance their careers and succeed in all aspects of life. Leading by example, Cynthia Grossman has initiated programs at her companies that ensure women are provided equal opportunities as men. Payment of Salaries is one of the areas that Grossman focuses on. It is known that many workplaces pay men better compared to women and Cynthia is trying to do away with this practice.Away from work, Cynthia Grossman is known for her philanthropic efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged families around the world. She has established organizations globally that cater to the needs of such families. These organizations teach the families life skills such as ways to apply and obtain jobs whenever opportunities crop up. The organizations also provide families with education, which plays an important role when applying for jobs. Cynthia also caters for the needs of women through these organizations. Since she can only implement changes at her workplace, Grossman uses the organizations to advocate for the equality of women and men. Cynthia is famous especially among women who look up to her as a mentor and a role model. As a result, she is invited to many corporate conferences as a speaker. Through her own experiences, Cynthia Grossman encourages women and guides them on the right steps to take if they want to succeed in the corporate world. Apart from working at Arca Continental, Cynthia is the Director of FasterCures. FaterCures is a health center that is part of the Milken Institute. At the center, Cynthia uses the knowledge of patient input to advance patient care. Cynthia mainly focuses on providing patients with an environment that is more relatable to their daily needs. FasterCures partners with other healthcare establishments to improve patient centricity and treatment. Cynthia thinks that patient centricity is a crucial issue when it comes to patient care and that is why she is focusing most of her energy there. Cynthia Grossman has proved herself capable of working in the corporate world since she started in 1983.

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