Cardinal Innovations: Your Mental And Behavioral Health Advocate

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Cardinal Innovations is a healthcare agency that works to get patients the support and treatment services they need for issues surrounding mental and behavioral health. Their most common patients are those who are diagnosed with developmental or intellectual disabilities, substance use disorders, and mental health disturbances. This company is leading the field in getting patients the assistance they need for mental health problems.

Cardinal Innovations focuses on the long-term success of their clients, not just short-term solutions. They want all of their patients to have wellness for life. This is shown in their support of many local groups and programs that are geared towards improving the lives of those with mental and substance abuse problems. They sponsor cultural competence training and community organizations that allow for a team approach to treating these mental health conditions for the long-term.

Community-based solutions are what this healthcare provider is all about. They know that managing the unique health needs of all their patients comes down to having a community of helping hands. They see patients as more than just a case of managing coverages and processing payments. Cardinal Innovations takes the time to empower their members and lead them into healthy thinking about how to best serve patients.

Understanding how to handle all sorts of mental and behavioral health problems requires a large diverse team. This firm knows that the more advocates with different backgrounds they can bring into their team, the more patients they’ll be able to serve. These different perspectives and cultures are something unique that Cardinal Innovations is proud to have as one of its key operating advantages over other healthcare providers in the field.

You’ll find Cardinal Innovations throughout 20 different North Carolina counties. As a managed care organization, this firm will help to handle the most complex medical needs. They’ll strive to get patients affordable access to the various services they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. They’re all about creating hope for the future of all their patients.

Cardinal Innovations partners with the North Carolina State Department of Health and Human Services so that even the neediest of residents can get the help they deserve. In partnership with the state, this firm is given a specified budget for treating North Carolina residents. In 2018, their budget was 853 million dollars approved by the state. With this new budget, came a new board of directors and new management team.

This new change was implemented by the North Carolina state after some investigation into an excessive fund spending complaint. It was identified that the past board was authorizing excessive charges in the form of expensive retreats, bar tabs, and charter flights. It’s thought that this change in leadership will allow for the core mission of the organization to be more well-grounded going into the future and spending to be done more consciously. The state still has this organization under watch to ensure that the state budget is being well spent on helping citizens with mental and behavioral health issues.

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