Biden Back in the Game

Joe Biden

The News on Biden

Recently, The New York Times did an article about Joe Biden. Mr. Biden has become the front runner for the presidential elections in 2020. Joe Biden is much loved by the Democratic Party because of his effective tenure during the Obama administration. Biden has also become well known because of some of the blunders that he has committed when speaking before the press. Earlier in the week, Biden was in Los Angeles, and it was apparent that many of his staff members were attempting to end a question and answer session that he was having with reporters. Biden was eating at a major taco chain and about 40 reporters were there with him. There have been several occasions in which Biden has blundered and said things that he later regrets. Currently, Biden’s team is trying hard to help him to avoid such issues in the future.

Biden is Staying Free from Reproach

There has been a few women who have stated that Biden’s touching has made them feel uncomfortable, so that is something that he is working hard to avoid. Biden has maintained his kind character, but he is obviously highly aware of the his image. Biden has also been attacked because of his age. Joe Biden is 76 years old and potential voters could have serious doubts about his ability to run the country at such an advanced age. Biden has worked hard to keep the subject light, and he has even made jokes about his age to the press. In spite of his critics, Biden has been trying his best to be himself, and that may be the best way to go for him since so many Americans are impressed with his gentle and easy-going personality.

Not without Bidenisms

Biden has made quite a few jokes about his blunders, and he also has made some funny but tasteful jokes about hugging people. When making reference to opposing presidential hopefuls, Biden treads lightly. When others go too far in their teasing, Biden makes it a point to maintain his dignity and his kind spirit in front of the press. Biden is doing his best to get out there and engage potential voters while avoiding risk.

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