In 2017 Betsy DeVos Used Her Private Email Account For Government Business

Betsy DeVos

A federal judge told Trump he can’t stop his accounting firm from turning over his financial records to Congress. The judge told Trump’s lawyers Congress has a right to see his financial statements in order to prevent another candidate from creating the legal chaos Trump has inflicted on the nation. Mr. Trump’s lawyers will appeal the ruling. But Judge Mehta’s ruling is a sign Trump’s attempt to stop Congress from uncovering his mobster tendencies won’t work.

Pete Buttigieg, the gay Democrat, surprised the people who watched his town hall performance on Fox News. Buttigieg proved he is a legitimate political contender. Mr. Trump doesn’t think Pete is a threat, but some of Trump’s voter base gave Pete a standing ovation. Pete let Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham know they hit rock bottom when they attack immigrants to appease Mr. Trump. Commentator Chris Wallace liked Mayor Pete. Chris gave Pete high marks for his performance.

Mr. Trump bashed Fox News for giving Pete airtime. He also bashed Chris Wallace for complimenting Buttigieg. Trump told Wallace his father Mike was his favorite Wallace. But Trump’s comments don’t bother Pete. He recently came in second in an Iowa poll. Bernie and Biden tied for first place.

China plans to stay away from the trade talk table until Trump lifts the 25 percent tariffs. China had enough of Trump’s bullying. A Chinese news report claims the country is ready for the tariff pain. China’s consumer economy will suffer, but the government plans to devalue their currency, continue to sell U.S. Treasury Bonds, and inject billions of dollars into their economy while the tariffs are in place. According to the Washington Post, China won’t back down even if Trump imposes a tariff on all Chinese exports to the United States.

The CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, said his company will deal with Trump’s edict to ban them from doing business in the United States. Mr. Zhengfei said his company knew Trump would initiate a ban. The company has a plan in place to source American components internally as well as from other countries.

Betsy DeVos didn’t pay much attention to Trump when he slammed Hillary Clinton for using her personal email to do government business. Betsy did the same thing when she became education secretary. She didn’t use her personal email as much as Hillary, but she still broke the law. Betsy may be over her education secretary job, so the inspector general’s report won’t bother Betsy too much. Husband Dick wants Betsy back in Michigan where he can monitor what she says before she sticks her foot in her mouth.

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