President Trump Finds a Use for Sanctuary Cities

President D. Trump, President Donald J. Trump

In the ongoing fracas over illegal immigrants and their status within the United States, some cities have declared themselves to be ‘sanctuary cities’. There, illegal immigrants can seek a sort of asylum once they’ve entered the country. Recently the President proposed a potential win-win situation for the sanctuary cities who ignore federal law in order to provide sanctuary to people traveling illegally into the country.
In a tweet on April 12th, Trump explained that if states like California and cities like New York City really wanted to help illegal immigrants, then they should be doing all they can to get these people into their self-designated sanctuary areas. Trump even hinted that the federal government would help them. Using ICE and other departments, Trump expanded the idea to make sure that illegal immigrants could reach their sanctuary cities and states. Chris Wallace and Sarah Sanders discussed the possibility in an interview on Fox News Sunday.
Resistance from among Democrats included multiple arguments which Wallace covered. He expressed worries that this kind of political move would be costly, difficult, and, ironically, illegal. Sanders admitted it was not an “ideal solution”. She hinted broadly that it was more of a test to see just how committed Democrats and liberally oriented regions are to the actual suffering brought about by illegal immigration. On the one hand, the suffering of illegal immigrants is highlighted. On the other hand, the suffering of innocent U.S. citizens is the focus, as story after story reveals how illegals who are gang members and other predatory illegals are manipulating the inner conflict and overburdened immigration systems to gain access to U.S. resources.
Whether this was a classic bluff on the part of the President remains to be seen. Sanders stated that it was being seriously considered. DHS had made statements concerning the logistics and legality of such a move while sanctuary cities and states argue against it for their own reasons. Sanders said that the best working solution would be to secure the southern border of the country. This would discourage illegal immigration before it even began and reduce the illegal population within the U.S. In the meantime, for sanctuary cities that want illegal immigrants ‘safe’ within the U.S., this would be a ‘win’. For those who do not reside within the boundaries of sanctuary areas, this will represent something of a ‘win’ as well.

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