For On Or Off-Campus Student Housing In The U.S., The Campus Apartments Company Continues To Lead The Way

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Widely acknowledged as the leading provider of on and off-campus housing for college students in the U.S., the Campus Apartments company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1958.

A well-funded company, Campus Apartments serves more than 50 colleges and universities in 18 U.S. states. The company is known for providing clean, well-maintained buildings that are often within walking distance of the educational institutions.

In some of the communities where this company has established student housing facilities, the facilities have helped to promote even further growth in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The portfolio of buildings operated by Campus Apartments includes garden-style, mixed-use, mid-rise, scattered-site and high-rise styles. This thriving student housing firm employs approximately 500 people, and many of them have been working there for at least a decade. The company also utilizes a slogan of “Smart. Living.”

One business principle that has worked well for the company through the years is to establish high standards of living in their properties. Although college students may be the actual tenants, C.A. strives to also keep its properties appealing to the parents of the students.

In Philadelphia, the company operates student housing buildings that are located close to Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania and other schools.

In cities such as Tucson, Arizona, Atlanta, Georgia, Orlando, Florida and Washington D.C., the company maintains a wide range of appealing student accommodations.

College Station, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Fort Collins, Colorado and Syracuse, New York are just a few of the many other communities that are home to C.A.-owned housing.

In September 2018, Campus Apartments opened new off-campus housing facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Knoxville, Tennessee. These properties feature fully furnished apartments with lots of amenities, and are located close to the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Tennessee, respectively.

As a forward-thinking company, C.A. has gradually acquired more than 300 properties, and is always interested in acquiring and/or developing properties that are situated near large universities.

Campus Apartments features a dedicated development team that regularly works with property owners and other developers to overcome obstacles, and create successful results. The company consistently builds long-term relationships with some of America’s top universities, leading to successful partnerships.

Campus Apartments even offers a community assistant program, that is geared toward college students. With this program, students are given the opportunity to gain work experience in a professional setting.

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