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If you are looking for a unique an entertaining way to learn how to prepare modern foods, look into Milk Street. It is a business based out of the Northeast, which offers online video courses, podcasts, and magazines that teach vintage to international cooking skills. The founder of Milk Street takes pride in offering up dishes that can be made with readily available products and everyday cooking appliances. There is a modern feel to the business. They understand how busy people’s lives are today, but many people still want to make home cooked meals and prepare delicious fresh food.

Milk Street magazine is a traditional publication that is mailed to your house. The television programs are broadcast on public channels. You can catch a podcast created by Christopher Kimball, who is the founder. The podcast can be heard on iTunes are Google Play.

The video productions range from how to prepare a fast work night meal all the way to a Thanksgiving feast. One video covers how to make a Scottish marmalade cake. The cake is steamed in a bundt pan and is topped with sugary ginger. If you are looking to whip together a quick Monday night dish, check out their video on spicy salmon. The recipe takes about 20 minutes and serves four.

Make the time to watch an entire episode of any one of their made for TV shows. With these programs, you can learn how to make an entire dish. Many are often filmed in themes. For example, one episode you can learn how to make Singapore flavored chickens and soup. Other international cuisines that they teach in their TV programs are African foods, Turkish delights, and Middle Eastern dishes. In one episode, the founder is sitting in Thailand sampling some spicy dishes. Back at home, he is able to bring these recipes to life. You will learn how to make a spicy stir-fry Thai vegetable dish, hot rice soup, beef Thai salad, and how to fry shallots. All of the dishes are made with a few ingredients but have that familiar Thai taste.

If you get a chance to browse the Milk Street website, you will see beautiful photographs of tantalizing dishes. The photography captures the essence of the meals and makes you feel like you can make these dishes yourself. Photos of the steamed mussels mixed with spicy chorizo looks like something from a Spanish household. Baked chicken recipes look like a touch of France, and the egg roll and rice dishes make you think you are sitting at an authentic Chinese restaurant. Milk Street offers so many recipes and so many ways to learn that no one is left out. If you are a vegetarian, there are meals for you, and if you are a hearty meat and potato lover, there are dishes for you too. Milk Street has a variety of teachers and methods to help you learn and they are always adding new things to their modern twist on their cooking school.

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