Justin Dearborn: Making Sound Waves At ICM Partners

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Justin Dearborn is now working at ICM Partners as their new Chief Operating Officer. Dearborn says his duties will include the daily operations of the business. Some of his roles may include working with management and other staff to form cohesive plans to constantly move the company forward. As the COO, he will be one of the responsible parties for leadership among the many teams at ICM partners.

Justin Dearborn was schooled in Illinois where he graduated from the DePaul Law University. Previously, he has worked in other entertainment and publishing businesses as well as technology and healthcare firms.

At ICM Partners, he will work alongside the others to sustain the company’s ever-growing profits and help build upon their strong client base. His leadership role will encase the entertainment world as he brings in a fresh vision for the coming years. Justin Dearborn has a firm style for strategic planning and organizing growth and opportunities for clients, staff, and management. ICM Partners has been on a steady upward climb for the past 24 months, so adding Justin Dearborn to the mix will be like adding another rung to a business ladder.

ICM Partners has been active in extremely popular television programming, such as the Breaking Bad series, the long-running comedy hit, Two and a Half Men, and the doctor-medical drama, House. You may not know that ICM Partners is behind many of the large concert productions in the United States and across the globe. ICM Partners participates in Coachella and Summerfest.

Adding Justin Dearborn’s leadership as COO may only help the already blooming entertainment industry of ICM Partners to reach a new level. Some areas that are continuing to grow are the publishing arena, and the broadcasting personnel. There is a broad range of broadcasters at ICM Partners that range from sports hosts to entertainment personalities.

ICM Partners also works to brand their artistic individuals in the entertainment industry. Part of their business model focuses on product endorsement and placement. There are artists on tour who get sponsorship and some branding to work within their marketing. The business also tries to incorporate brand name items into some of their TV programs and movies. The branding and endorsement packages that ICM Partners put together for their clients can be seen in films, television, and print.

Justin Dearborn will be working in the California office, but the group is international. They have offices in New York and the UK to represent clients around the globe. He is now relocating to California if he is not already there. The entertainment world may find itself in a new phase as Mr. Dearborn collaborates with ICM Partners as the new Chief Operating Officer.

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