Why Hargreaves Lansdown Is An Asset For Private Investors

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Hargreaves Lansdown is the United Kingdom’s top supermarket for private investors. Hargreaves Lansdown manages billions of dollars for their investors. Hargreaves Lansdown helps their clients by giving them the information to make the best decisions regarding their investments. Hargreaves Lansdown strives to make it easy for their clients to manage their investments and enjoy a comfortable financial life.

Featured Investment Programs

Share Dealing
Hargreaves Lansdown has an award winning share dealing program. To get started, you’d simply open an account with your debit card. Look for all of the shares that you would like to invest in. You can buy and sell shares whenever you like. Hargreaves Lansdown’s Share Dealing program has multiple features. Investors will have a wide selection of investment choices to consider. You’ll have access to thousands of shares around the World, as well as bonds and ETFs. You can make decisions on whether to buy or sell shares up to three months in advance. You’ll receive a low cost dividend reinvestment where you can decide how your dividends are reinvested. You can monitor your holdings through receiving free share price alerts.

Fund Dealing
Hargreaves Lansdown has an extensive fund dealing program. Investors can choose from over 2,000 funds to invest in. Top groups include JP Morgan, Artemis, and Jupiter. Many of the funds have low costs with no dealing charges. All annual charges are tiered.

HL Funds
Hargreaves Lansdown has a team of investment experts that manages a large range of HL Funds. The team is dedicated to helping investors find the best opportunities on the market. They spend hours meeting with fund managers and doing research. The HL Funds add a new experience. Hargreaves Lansdown has located funds with great long term potential. They offer a high level of insight, as the funds have been chosen by several UK experts. Each of the HL Funds offers around 30 shares. The UK Growth Shares seek capital growth over the long term. The UK Income Shares prioritize income over long term capital growth.

Self Invested Personal Pensions
Self Invested Personal Pensions are a type of pension that appeals to people who want to make their own decisions. Self Invested personal pensions are different from traditional pensions. You have more control over your money. The government will give you relief on the amount that you pay. You will not have to pay tax on any gains that your investments make. If you are under the age of 75, you can pay in as much as you are currently earning. You can also add extra money to the pension if you have an unused allowance from a previous year.

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