Google Facing Backlash After Person Enters Building With Measles


The measles outbreaks across the country have hit Google. An employee with the company was walking around the main headquarters while having the illness. When he presented with symptoms, he was tested. Doctors revealed that he did have measles at the time, which meant that he could have spread the illness to all of the people he came in contact with while he was in the building.

One thing to keep in mind is that the employee is among those who are anti-vaccine. Google has now come under fire for letting someone with these beliefs work for the company because it does put so many people at risk. Employees received an email soon after Google learned that the employee had measles. David Kaye is one of the doctors who offered information about the person and that the employee had been in the building on April 4 when he was ill. The Santa Clara Health Department has been monitoring any new reports of measles from those who work for Google or are family members of those who work for Google who may have come into contact with the employee that day or in the days before or after.

The information has been released about common symptoms and how employees can protect themselves from the illness. Although initial reports indicated that the person is an employee, it’s possible that the person was just visiting. Employees are being urged to seek treatment if they experience any signs of measles. There are at least 20 states with outbreaks, most in recent months. The United States last saw a measles outbreak in 2000 when officials thought that they had seen the last of the illness. However, with unvaccinated individuals interacting with those who have been vaccinated, there are more cases that will likely show up in workplaces and even in common areas, such as parks and stores.

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