Elizabeth Warren’s Career


Elizabeth Warren is a successful politician from Massachusetts. She has been involved in politics for over two decades. Before her career as a political leader, Elizabeth was a lawyer. She specialized in bankruptcy law, and she helped thousands of people go through the bankruptcy process.

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Houston with a legal degree. She wanted to attend law school so she could become a lawyer. She applied to Harvard University, but she was not accepted. She enrolled at Rutgers University in the law department. When she graduated from Rutgers, she began working in the field as a bankruptcy attorney. She quickly learned that bankruptcy law did not favor individuals filing for bankruptcy. Elizabeth Warren felt like bankruptcy law was biased towards large companies and wealthy people. She worked on numerous cases where wealthy clients could start another business after declaring bankruptcy. However, poor people were left with a much different situation.

Teaching Career
After practicing law for several years, Elizabeth began teaching law at various schools. She returned to the University of Houston to teach law classes to undergraduate students. She also taught at the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania. When she became a professor at Harvard Law School, Warren felt like she reached all her career goals. Someone in the law department encouraged her to run for a political office. At the time, Elizabeth did not want to become involved with politics. However, she ran for a local position and won. Within a few years, she would become a star in American politics.

During the financial crisis, Senator Warren was outspoken against bailouts for large financial institutions. As a bankruptcy attorney, she noticed how companies could take advantage of various laws to remain in business. She believed that companies should receive no financial help from the government. Although she voted against helping banks, the legislation would eventually pass.

Presidential Platform
In her current political campaign, Elizabeth has announced some bold ideas to transform the country. She believes that all student loan debt should be forgiven by the government. When she announced this idea, many people were excited about the possibility of someone paying their student loans. She has not provided details on how the government will pay for the debt to be discharged. Some economists think that removing billions of dollars in student loan debt could cause multiple economic issues.

She has also called for President Trump to be impeached. She firmly believes that President Trump deserves to be removed from office due to obstruction of justice.

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