Donald Trump Undermines The Democracy Of America

Democracy Of America, President Trump

The Republican Party campaigned against the size and reach of the federal government for a number of years. Republican politicians routinely recounted to voters the methods they would use to downsize government agencies, eliminate fraud and waste, and remove federal involvement from issues that state can handle themselves.

This Republican principle has been totally ignored by Trump and his backers in the party. They are not interested in a federal government that is small but better. Instead, it seems Trump and his supporters are more interested in sabotaging the way the United States government is intended to work. Trump wants a government that is void of transparency, slow to respond, and inevitably less effective.

Their efforts were relatively subtle at the onset of the Trump presidency. Trump and his supporters began by working to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They made this effort despite the fact they possessed nothing in place to replace it.

The courts have been resistant to efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act so the Trump administration and Republican supporters have worked to weaken the law through countless cuts. They have not given up their efforts to eliminate the law altogether, however, and filed a brief with a federal appellate court last month regarding the matter.

Many will say the Affordable Care Act issue amounts to a simple disagreement between the two parties. But they would be hard-pressed to attribute this explanation to the next serious of moves.

Trump had harsh words for his then-Attorney General for disloyalty. He eventually fired Sessions. He also fired FBI director James Comey for the act of ‘investigation.’ Rex Tillerson, his secretary of state, was fired for performing acts of diplomacy. Finally, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster were forced from their position for the offense of providing professional advice to the present.

Our 45th president has also used his presidency to extend his personal wealth and business interests. His daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, were both given security clearances for which they do not qualify.

The national security of America has been repeatedly placed in jeopardy by a president who gives more weight to the words of adversaries of federal governments than he does our country’s own intelligence community.

The above-mentioned issues are just a few in a long line of questionable appointments and attempts to circumvent normal policy. The president has not said to Democrats he is not willing to work with them but his actions seem to suggest he will only cooperate with those who cater to his whims and musings.

This revelation highlights the dangerous situation were are in as a nation.

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