Donald J. Trump Is A Conman’s Conman

President Donald J. Trump, President Trump

There are a lot of conmen in the history books. Politics seems to attract people who have hidden agendas. People who have psychopathic tendencies love politics. Politics gives them a chance to show different versions of their personalities.

These phony do-gooders say all the right words and kiss enough babies to earn the respect from uninformed voters before they enter high office. But once they get comfortable in a nation’s driver’s seat, these conmen and women show people who they really are. Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro is a good example of a psychopathic conman who played second fiddle to Hugo Chavez when Hugo ruled the country. Once Chavez went to that big oil field in the sky, Maduro turned into a ruthless conman who has no sense of compassion for his people.

Most conmen don’t act like conmen before they reach high office. Conmen normally blend in as well as stand out in unusual ways. They aren’t bold enough to show their true colors before they take office. They wait until they have the keys to all-out thief and destruction before they show their true colors. It’s safe to say Donald J. Trump is not that kind of conman.

Mr. Trump is in a conman league of his own. He didn’t hide the fact he would turn the United States upside down before he took office. His campaign was a campaign of destruction based on lies. Trump is in the conman “Hall of Fame” thanks to his ability to lie and step on the constitution in plain sight and get away with it. The Trumpster doesn’t hide his quest for complete conmanship. He flaunts his dominance and celebrates his untruthfulness, so everyone can feel it.

The Trump Organization gave Mr. Trump the means to practice his conman style. He learned how to break the law and get away with it when the famous crooked criminal lawyer Roy Cohn became his mentor. Don Sr. learned how to use the system to get what he wanted when his corrupt plans became public knowledge.

His voter base celebrated the news Trump overstated his wealth by billions of dollars in order to get business loans. U.S. banks stopped lending him money. But that didn’t stop Mr. Trump. H knew Russia would help since he planned to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump contacted Deutsche Bank thanks to inside information from his Russians friends, and he made a deal that Congress thinks involved money laundering. But Trump denies that claim like all conmen do when they get caught. Trump likes it when people see him in conman mode. That’s when he really shines.

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