Cynthia Grossman Puts Focus On Patient Centricity As The Key To Better Healthcare

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As most people would expect, the healthcare industry is vast and touches virtually every part of the world today to some degree. On any given day, in such a populated world, many people are victims of illness or injury and require medical aid, and thankfully, there are thousands of establishments dedicated to helping these people.

Despite the many advancements in the medical system and technology in general, there are various aspects of the healthcare system that are still stuck in the past. This is why FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, is an organization dedicated to improving the healthcare system through careful development in order to save more lives.

Cynthia Grossman is as the center of FasturCures, where she holds a position as Director, Science of Patient Input. Cynthia graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Vermont back in 2004. By this time, she was pretty sure on her path and further improved her education at Brown University. After studying behavioral and social sciences for years, Cynthia started up an internship, which allowed her to start postdoctoral training as well. Upon her graduation, Cynthia Grossman began working as a program officer at the National Institute of Mental Health.

The National Institute of Mental Health is an internationally recognized healthcare organization, and Cynthia managed to work her way up to program chief. It was Cynthia’s job to oversee AIDS Research and the HIV Care Engagement program. Cynthia and her teammates worked together to create agendas in order to help prevent HIV and even look for a working cure. Not only did Cynthia show leadership, but she was innovative and could easily set up a collaborative work environment.

Now that her experience and reputation in the industry had grown, Cynthia Grossman moved on to FasterCures, which has a sharper focus on what Cynthia hopes to achieve in the healthcare industry. Rather than focus on treating patients, FasterCures is looking for ways to help cure patients and prevent illness from happening in the future. Among the thousands of known diseases around the world, less than 10 percent of them have known cures. Through faster development and research programs, Cynthia aims to change this number to improve the lives of millions of people are the world.

Patient Centricity is also a core part of Cynthia’s philosophy for good healthcare. According to Cynthia, far too many healthcare organizations overlook patient needs, often times leading to less than desirable care. More importantly, products go into development even before the entirety of patient conditions are fully known. Not only is this a waste of resources for a product that is marginally effective and will need to go back to the drawing board at some point, but more people also continue to suffer in the meantime. Cynthia Grossman shares her healthcare insight all over the industry today, both in the written and verbal forms, including peer-reviewed articles and industry conferences.

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