Barr’s Mueller Report Summary Is A Joke According To Some Mueller Investigators

Robert Mueller

President Trump thinks San Juan’s mayor is incompetent. He claims he gave PR enough money to rebuild after Hurricane Maria. But most of the money Congress gave Puerto Rico to rebuild hasn’t reached the people of Puerto Rico. Government red tape and Trump’s dislike for PR hasn’t helped the island get back to normal.

That’s why Congress refused to approve the Disaster Relief Act. Trump doesn’t want to send PR more money, but Congress does. And that stalemate keeps the money away from the Midwest states that are still underwater.

Mr. Trump has Congress breathing down his neck on other issues as well. Lawmakers are sick of hearing about the phony tax audit that the president keeps talking about. The Democrats sent the director of the IRS a two-page letter, and in that letter, they ask for six-years of Trump’s tax returns. Treasury Secretary Steve Mencken told the press he’s not in favor of releasing Trump’s tax returns.

Congress also wants to see Trump’s financial records. Lawmakers plan to subpoena Trump accounting firm so they can get those documents. But the Republicans claim the Democrats want to harass the president instead of solving the Southern border crisis. Mr. Trump said he may still close the border even though closing that commerce highway would devastate the U.S. and the Mexican economy, according to economists.

Republicans want Trump to stop talking about closing the border, but in true Trump fashion, he continues to create chaos in order to stop the migration chaos on the border.

But the border isn’t the only chaos in Trumpland. Congress wants to know why Trump overruled security officials and approved Jared Kushner and 24 other people for security clearances. Kushner has conflict of interest issues as well as foreign relationship that may compromise national security. Security officials decided Jared was bad news, but Trump gave in when his daughter, the Princess of the West Wing, put the pressure on Trump to give them both security clearances.

Another issue facing Mr. Trump is the Mueller report. Barr’s summary was a joke according to several Mueller investigators. Barr left out important report information that could hurt the president.

Investigators say there’s plenty of evidence that Trump and the Russians had a deal. And they also say Trump did obstruct justice even though Barr said he didn’t. That’s why Congress wants to see the full report with no redactions.

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