Amit Kleinberger: Making It In The Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Sector

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Amit Kleinberger, CEO of the self-serve frozen yogurt company, Menchies, is a successful business professional. He runs the yogurt shop that uses the concept of serving oneself with a bowl of creamy delights. The flourishing business serves more than 1,000 consumers daily. It allows clients to add toppings such as fruits, chocolate, and sprinkles. The restaurants have established a crowd-pleasing recipe that creates loyal clients.

Amit Kleinberger has made moves in the hospitality industry. He has led the brand from one store to about 400 stores. Forbes Magazine recognized the company as one of the most promising companies in the list. In 2013, Mr. Kleinberger was featured in “Undercover Boss”. His entrepreneurial experience before joining the frozen yogurt company includes owning a retail company, serving in the real estate sector, and health care. Before these businesses, he served as a sergeant in a combat unit.

Encouraged by his travel across Naples, Amit Kleinberger brought his family and friends together through Neapolitan pizza. He reasoned that pizza should be shared and enjoyed in different celebrations. As such, Amit Kleinberger founded MidiCi, an Italian pizza joint that reflects the concept of fostering friendships. The restaurant promotes genuine interactions. It also reflects its mission statement to bring friends together. MidiCi uses conventional wood-fire ovens to bake pizzas in 90 seconds. MidiCi is committed to providing clients with authentic Neapolitan Pizza that’s served in a high-end dining atmosphere. The company honors the tradition and art of pizza making. This restaurant is a central place to connect with friends.

The two companies headed by Amit Kleinberger stand out as the largest chains in the self-serve industry. Menchies has won significant awards such as the 2010 best restaurant business in the industry. In 2011, the company was ranked as the second-best self-serve outlet. It gained prominence because of the quality of service it offers.

Amit Kleinberger is a native of Israel. He served at the Israeli Defense Forces. Over the years, Amit learned the value of critical leadership in the success of an organization. The skills have helped him to succeed in business.

Early in his business career, Mr. Kleinberger built various companies such as an assisted living facility and an outlet for cell phone accessories. The experience helped him to hone his leadership skills. Amit utilized the skills to develop his enterprises in the food industry.

Menchie’s makes its flavors with unique custom recipes. The management captures its client’s favorite taste and magnifies it into an exceptional flavor. The objective is to offer global customer experience. Menchie’s offers catering services. Whether a client is having a wedding anniversary or a birthday party, the management can help serve guests with quality beverages. They also provide custom frozen yogurt cakes. Besides, the franchise community works with local organizations, sports teams, and institutions to help raise money for noble causes. Menchie’s works with various organizations to create a program that assists the community in raising funds. Most importantly, the company helps such organizations to acquire their goals.

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