Volunteering After Tornadoes Take Lives


Recent tornadoes in Alabama have claimed the lives of at least 23 people. Dozens were injured during the storms that occurred on a Sunday afternoon. Makitha Griffin has lived in Alabama for years. Even though she lost five members of her family due to the tornadoes that swept through the region, she knew that she couldn’t leave and that she had to do something to help others. Griffin decided to start feeding the first responders and the rescue workers who have been working day and night to try to find others who are possibly trapped under the rubble of destroyed homes and businesses.

Griffin knew that there were numerous people who needed help and who needed healing either physically or emotionally. She lost relatives on both sides of her family including an aunt and two uncles. Griffin’s father found the family members when he walked with a cousin to the uncle’s home. Another cousin was taken to a local hospital with a few broken fingers and other injuries caused by trees falling on the home. Griffin has requested that others pray for her family as her cousin did lose her parents at one time.

Serving others helps to take Griffin’s mind off of the devastation that surrounds the town. It also helps her cope with losing so many people in her family in one day. She has helped other volunteers prepare meals that are given to the rescuers as they take breaks. Cases of water bottles line tables in the staging area. Boxes of pizza and trays of other foods also line the tables each day so that the people who are working to get lives back to normal are taken care of in the best way possible. Griffin knows that everyone in the town cares about each other and that she is only doing a small part along with other volunteers.

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