Trump Gloats Over Past Week’s Good Fortune

President Trump

President Trump and the people close to him have had to deal with a number of unpleasant surprises over the last year or so. But fortunately for the president’s team, the past week provided them with a few breaks they may not have expected to come their way.

Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, received a 47-month prison term last Thursday. The sentence was a good bit below the sentence called for by federal sentencing guidelines and much more lenient than most onlookers thought he would receive.

Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, said the sentence handed down by Judge T.S. Ellis might send the wrong message to citizens regarding the justice system in America. The sentiments of Honiq was in line with the feelings of many who were critical of the lenient sentence given to Manafort.

Of course, President Trump had a different take on the situation. A Tweet from the president suggested the judge in Manafort’s case demonstrated the belief there was no collusion with Russia by giving Manafort a lighter than expected sentence. There was not much truth to the president’s assertion but true to form, the lack of validity did not deter him from making the bold proclamation.

Trump also found other reasons to gloat during the past week. One of these reasons was the internal fighting in which Democrats participated following critical Tweets toward Israel made by Representative Ilhan Omar. Omar’s remarks were regarded as anti-semitic and an anti-bigotry bill signed after the remarks by Omar was seen as a subtle rebuke to the congresswoman.

The problem with the squabble is that it exposed the rift that exists between the old guard of the Democratic party and the many fresh faces looking to take control of the party.

A third surprise for the president was the announcements by Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg, and Sherrod Brown that they would not join the growing list of Democratic hopefuls who will vie for the oval office in 2020. Many insiders believe Brown could have taken the presidency from Trump. Insiders also believe Trump knew Brown was a real threat to the president’s position.

It is uncertain what a new week and the future as a whole has in store for the 45th president of the United States. But the last week provided President Trump with multiple opportunities to gloat in response to temporary victories.

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