Taco Sauce Aids In Man’s Survival

Jeremy Taylor, Taco Sauce

Jeremy Taylor was trapped inside his vehicle with his dog for five days before someone was finally able to rescue them. While he was in the vehicle, Jeremy survived by eating taco sauce. Jeremy and his dog went for a drive last Sunday afternoon. They stopped at a gas station while they were in Bend, a small town in Oregon. Soon after leaving the gas station, Jeremy’s vehicle got stuck in the snow. He fell asleep with his dog Ally. The next morning, he woke up to discover that there was more snow on the ground and that his situation was much worse than he expected.

Jeremy attempted to walk in the snow to go for help, but it was just too deep for him to safely navigate for a long distance. He then got back into the vehicle with Ally until help arrived. Friends and family members reported Jeremy missing on Wednesday because no one had seen or heard from him. This prompted a rescue team and members of the sheriff’s department to search for his vehicle.

While Jeremy and Ally were inside the vehicle, they turned the heat on when needed so that they could stay warm. He also had some small packets of taco sauce that kept them alive while they were waiting for help to arrive. A person can live for a few days without water and can survive for about six weeks without eating anything substantial. Someone on a snowmobile was in the area on Friday and made a report to the sheriff’s department. When officers received the call, they immediately went to investigate and discovered Jeremy and Ally in the vehicle. Aside from being hungry, the two seemed like they were alright. Jeremy and his dog were reunited with their loved ones after being rescued.

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