Roger Kimmel: Executive, Professor, Leader

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As a business executive gains experience and knowledge over the years, they often use their skills and abilities in ways that will help others realize their dreams as well. Such is the case with attorney and financial executive Roger Kimmel, who in his business career has found himself not only in demand as a college professor, board member of numerous corporations, and featured speaker at corporate events, but also as a leader to those who seek to gain from his knowledge and experience on a wide array of topics.

In his current position as a Vice-President with the world-famous investment firm Rothschild Inc., Roger Kimmel has gained a reputation for being able to solve the most complex issues. Whether these have involved questions regarding corporate leadership, state and federal regulations on various matters, or how to complete a corporate merger or acquisition, it is clear to those around him that Roger Kimmel is always a person who has the best answers to the most difficult questions.

Along with his work at Rothschild, Roger Kimmel is also active in many other areas of law, business, and education. Having been a prominent partner in the law firm of Latham & Watkins for many years prior to joining Rothschild, he has taken the experience and knowledge gained from this position and used it to help other companies gain insight into how best to proceed with shareholder disputes, corporate board governance, and other important matters.

While best known for his legal and corporate business experience, Roger Kimmel has also in recent years become a well-known legal educator. Currently a member of the faculty at the University of Virginia Law School, he is among the most respected professors within the school. Teaching classes on corporate governance, how corporate boards can be most effective, and how corporations can deal with activists, he is helping numerous college students work toward their goal of becoming a successful attorney.

As he has gained knowledge on various business and legal matters during his career, Roger Kimmel has become a keynote speaker who is always in high-demand. Because of this, he can regularly be found giving speeches at corporate events, colleges, and other venues on a variety of topics. Known for his wit and wisdom, his speeches are considered to be some of the best given by today’s corporate executives.

However, while keeping quite busy with his educational and business endeavors, Roger Kimmel has also found time along the way to be a member of the board of directors for numerous companies over the years. In fact, he has sat on the boards of companies that specialize in such areas as motion picture production, pharmaceuticals, software development, and utilities.

No matter what endeavor in which he may be involved, it is clear Roger Kimmel is committed to giving his best each and every time. Whether lecturing future attorneys or giving his opinion at a board meeting, he is always using his vast insight to help others find solutions to complex issues.

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