Paul Griff on His Accomplishment

Paul Griff on His Accomplishment in the Real Estate Industry


Paul Griff is an accomplished executive with experiences in dealing with issues within the real estate industry. With his knowledge and background on the subject matter, people looked up to him as a mentor within various organizations. Furthermore, Paul Griff is most commonly known as the founder and managing member of Maira, LLC., a company devoted to managing various real estate portfolios.

To understand further Griff’s role in the industry, there is a need to understand the objective of asset management in relation to the real estate market. An asset manager aims to maximize the value of a property as well as its return on investments. This can be achieved through the reduction of expenditures whenever possible.

Portfolio management in the real estate industry involves activities such as finding one of the most consistent and highest rates in revenues. Asset managers are considered as entrepreneurs due to their tasks of mitigating any liability and risk relating to the property.

For Paul Griff, managing his own company and dealing with some of the basic problems in the real estate industry takes determination and patience. In every property management company, the ability to generate profit is considered as the most difficult aspect in any industry.

Property managers are expected to delve into labor-intensive activities. Furthermore, having to deal with different kinds of clients can be draining; however, these kinds of interactions and relationships are necessary.

Nonetheless, Paul Griff has had experiences with running his own business before. In fact, he was the CEO of Pivot Beam Corporation for almost two years. Pivot Beam is a venture-backed organization that focuses on the commercialization of Software Defined Antennas for various terrestrial communications markets.

In addition, he was also the CEO and founder of another company, Root Metrics. Root Metrics, on the other hand, focuses on data syndication startups that engage in the measuring and reporting activities of the performance of wireless carriers.

Going back further in time, he was the managing director of BSquare. BSquare deals with global Windows Mobile professional services as well as consulting practices. A few years back, he was also the Vice President in Business Development of Brickroad Networks. His role consists of securing various contracts with clients, such as CBS affiliates, the Sierra Club, and the National Rifle Association.

In 1997, he was the President of Media Express. At the time, he was able to produce about 153% of the revenue forecast. He secured contracts with various clients including General Cinemas and Loews Cinemas. Now, there are about 30 pilot locations in four states within the country.

Some of Griff’s first few jobs included the Director of Sales and Marketing of Kranzler Investments and Director of Sales of Acorto Incorporated. He was very successful in the industry of telecommunications startups. Furthermore, he contributed heavily to the distribution of networks nationwide.



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